Hungry People!


We were having a good rest in my room on this fateful Xmas with my sister, having decided we will never attend to any visitor that comes checking in because we've just finished some chores the day before that makes us expend our energy overnight.

And here comes this knock on the door; who on earth could this be, we decided to ignore the knock, and after thirty minutes down the line, the person was still knocking.

My sister who had dozed off was woken up by this persistent knock. Could you believe this fool is still knocking? I said to her, and I went to open the door, alas! It was a very young girl I had promise to come checking for her Xmas gift.

And most people do not get to that point where they gets the answers to the dreams in their heart before they quit knocking,they knocks once or twice and then they quit knocking on their dreams and then they says yes to complacency and gives up,it was a wise man that said "most losers in life never realize how closer they are to their victories before they quit.

And it's the same thing with life,the moment you frustrates life with your persistent knocks,life will give in to you and yield it's fruit.Most people in life refuses to live their dreams simply because they were rejected once and then they bow their heads down to defeat,that life will not listen to your knocks the first time its normal,that people will not focus their gaze at you at your first call it's obvious,that you have to get some no's for an answer before you gets a yes it's normal,but you have to stay hungry and keep knocking, a lot of people will wanna stay satisfied because of the same fear of failure,what if they tries it and it doesn't works out and then they just earn a living,raise a family and then dies.

An hungry man they says is an angry man,you've got to get angry at your situations and stay hungry until your dreams come true.

Let your reasons for your existence in life get you somewhere, stay hungry.

Have a great day.

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