Exposed: Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo Accuses Olamide of Money Rituals?

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Daughter of former Oyo state Governor, Dr Victor Omololu-Olunloyo, Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo, is in the news again and she is never scared of throwing banters with anyone or ill administration at any given opportunity.

This time around, the controversial Canadian music journalist has lent her voice on the recent ugly outburst between singer, Olamide and Don Jazzy, at the just concluded Headies Award.

Kemi and some minutes interview which she recorded herself, explained why she so much detest singer Olamide noting that it was due to an interview he granted some years back where he said he will never sign a female artiste in his record label because they have short live span.

She also disclosed that with the high rate of money ritual going on, a source close to her had alleged that Olamide is into money ritual and was introduced into by his late father and the wealth he now acquires actually comes from his father.

Read her anger speech about Olamide below;

“Hi, this is madam Kemi Omololuwa live from Ibadan, it's almost 6 O'clock, and today is January 4th, 2016. Right now I'm doing a video to explain to all Olamide fans on exactly why I despise the artiste.

I have seen all your ranting and all your notifications on facebook and twitter. I'm a social media expert, I'm leading in social media all over this continent in Africa and if you don't want to believe it, I don't care. Most of Olamide's listeners are illiterates. Most of you cannot read nor write properly or spell words properly or construct a simple sentence. I took some of your tweets and posted them on my album on facebook page. Now most of you are Yoruba, of course he is a Yoruba rapper but he made a statement where he said he cannot sign a female artiste under his record because they have short live span. I was angry, that triggered me. Who is this guy, is it because he sang 'Elada Mi o' you are singing to God and you said you cannot sign someone because they are female, their live span is short? Olamide that's very wrong.

“Then someone came up to me and told me that Olamide does a lot of money ritual blab la bla, Dagrin does a lot of money rituals, Dagrin died because of money ritual, then I saw the money rituals video, the woman that is dead now that actually exposed all the politicians. Because I'm a journalist, I cannot ever reveal the source. This person now told me that “O we all did music” I then said okay, let's talk about Olamide, how much money rituals does he make, were you there with the babalawo (herbalist)? He said yeah. He does money ritual and his father introduced him to money ritualist. You know, Olamide (My wealth has come) that it comes down from the father. I don't have any problem believing that. My father did rituals for years and kept it quiet until it started getting revealed by some people in this family and \i put it out there. If I can put out my father, there is nobody I can't put out there.”