Mercy Aigbe Needs To Go Back To The Gowns!

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We all know that Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe is a stunner any day any time and she has inspired many outfits in times past but her outfit to the Headies 2015 wasn't just working if you ask me.

For a fashion icon like Mercy, starting off with a denim jumpsuit that didn't compliment her legs well, I have to say that it is a total NO.

We saw enough photos of Mercy to have want to rate her look as superb and flawless as always as from the top part she looked ravishing in the usual Mercy Aigbe style until one takes a look down and sees that her outfit was making “K-Leg” more pronounced. What was she thinking?

Headies' organizers might have asked for casual but for cripes sake, she is Mercy, something a bit more flattering wouldn't have been such a crime now would it and with the way she was slinging her bag like some silly school girl just out of class as she posed next to Olamide isn't earning her much points here.

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We love us Mercy and think this Cinderella should just stick to the ballroom gowns and leave the jumpsuits for celebs that can rock it in a better fashion.