The journey to stardom

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The journey to stardom was no child's play for most of our movie stars, but today they are reaping the rewards of their hard work because most of them are living large Here are pictures of some of the actors before they made it.

Ramsey Nouah
Talk about using what you have to get what you want,This is one young actor whose good looks, initially though not polished ,has helped him rise by earning him roles as a lover boy which he does too well, having started out in the rested soap opera 'Fortunes' he has only looked back to say thank you lord.

Omotola Jalade
Though a mother of four, she is still refered to as a damsel, having made her debut in Thorns of Rose, the 26years old Yaba college of Technology O.N.D holder has not stopped climbing the success ladder.

Eucheria Anunobi
“Christianity is a thing of the heart not in our outward appearance'' this is one woman with strength of character, who became the press darling after the sexy role she played in glamour girls, having earned the title Nigerian Sharon stone, the beauty of the whole scandal only helped strengthened her and make her journey to stardom easy.

Uche Ama-Abriel (formerly Osutule)
“Ragos is full of fryover” she said in the now rested checkmate, but it brought her fane and success the once divorced 'flowers turn black” star is one of those few actresses that have made African women proud of their complexion.

Kate Henshaw Nuttal
She cut her first teeth in the movie When The Sun Sets, it wasn't easy'' she said considering she once had to take a producer to court for owing her though it wasn't smooth at the begining but today she has been smiling to the bank.

Liz Benson
The ever looking young screen goddess was shot into limelight after her role as Agnes in the soap opera fortunes . for the young widow and mother of three , it wasn't easy but surely fortunes smiled on her as she is the proud landlady of ahouse in V.G.C.

Paul Obazele
Actor turned producer of the movie Shadow ofDeath, he also has his own story to tell on how he survived in his 'waka pass' days, now he is reaping the fruits 'after the storm.

After his first appearance as a mad man in the movie NNEKA THE PRETTY SERPENT the sky has being the limit for this Imo state father of two .

Saint Obi
This young dude refused to say goodbye to tomorrow by stuggling hard to get roles in movies After featuring in several movies like Sakobi, Goodbye tomorrow, Oracle, etc , he finally produced his own movie Take Me To Mamma. whose proceeds he is now enjoying abroad.