Yoruba Actresses With Unbelievable Good Command Of English

Source: Alayande Dayo - Nigeriafilms.com

Beautiful people on these headline ,I know you all be peeping to know who dem be, no do long throat I will dish them out to you one by one,atleast the ones I am very sure of and I heard them speak and some is a personal conversation with them.
And NO NO ,don't think because they frequent jand anyhow ooo, these actresses don dey blast their good command of English since inception and some gradually got to that point of phonetics.

FUNKE AKINDELE: The world famous actress “JENIFA, OMO GHETTO” you can not take that place from her,she bagged several awards and her excellent command of English really stood her to high predestrian, which she has mentain from her days in a now rested programme ''I NEED TO KNOW” funke can still mesmerize you when she dares open her mouth to speak. Give it to her even now that she has since moved to the highest paying part of nollywoood,where her talent is more visible.

IYABO OJO: For this beautiful actress andits not just about speaking but she funkify her style of speaking and cant be caught blabbing may be are joking periods with friends or close allays. Iyabo is someone that you might be surprised too why,cos she sometimes ago used to appear like unserious lady with her make-up or open body clothes she wears,those times are gone. She killed it when she put her english prose to attention and you look at her for more. You know what guys,I like the fact that people judge you before getting their surprises.