Those Criticizing Ooni Of Ife Are Ignorant—CLAM Pastor

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

General overseer of Christ Living Apostolic Ministries, Pastor Wole Oladiyun, during the church service held recently to emphasize on the promise of God towards his children during the last lap of the year urged Christians to worship God with all their heart so that his promise could come into manifestation.

The Pastor pointed out that some Christians have failed to acknowledge God in whatever they and with that, they believe that their success has been their strength forgetting that God being their creator has make things well for them and as such they turn their back when against Him.

Pastor Wole during the sermon tongue lashed some set of people who have condemned the Ooni of Ife for kneeling down in church being a King stating that it is a taboo.

According to the Pastor, “People challenging the Ooni of Ife for kneeling down to worship God are just ignorant people which I owe no apology and I'm standing on the altar of God to challenge them and any other person. What such an example the Ooni has shown, may his reign bring peace to the land and he will live long to declare God's work. People don't know that God is the King of all kings and the Ooni has decided to prove that by acknowledging his creator.”