Regina Askia's marriage crashes


Nigeria's top actress, Regina Askia secretly married her American-born husband, Ruddy Williams in Lagos, the surprise she pulled on a lot of her colleagues and admirers was not lost on them. This was because, the news of her white wedding which was witnessed by a select crowd was quite unexpected, as it was coming on the heel of her break-up/controversial traditional marriage to Charles Okorie, an Igbo Big Boy.

And while cynics simply chose not to give that marriage a chance of being a till death-do-us-apart affair, Regina again made a big statement that this marriage was for real, when she simply sold off all that she had to relocate to America to live full time with her American husband. She also took along with her Stephn her first daughter who she had for her French lover,Patrick.

Even after Regina's relocation,her critics just won't let her be, as several allegations as to the state of her marriage to Ruddy began to be speculated, and they were not so palatable. Each time these rumours were being spread, Regina simply laughed it all off putting it down to the work of her critics.

And just when her fans were beginning to think this marriage was here to stay, after Regina had delivered two kids, a girl named Olympia and the much awaited son, Ruddy Jnr. it seems the centre can no longer hold in Regina's almost fairy tale marriage. Contrary to the belief that all was really well with Regina and Ruddy's marriage, the opposite is presently the case, as Regina is reported to have packed up her marriage with her handsome American husband, Ruddy. Their parting of ways came following Ruddy's accident that affected his spinal cord, leaving him unable to walk. According to the information, the accident occurred shortly before Regina delivered her son for Ruddy. Trouble, we gathered, had started between the couple even before then, as Regina was reported not to be able to deal with the new life she found with her husband who had other kids from his first wife.

While Regina initially got along with Ruddy's daughters, they soon began to have friction, that sometimes resulted into some thing more serious. These as well as several other misunderstandings that began to creep up in their marriage began to affect Regina's marriage.

The final straw on the marriage was reported to have been the accident that Ruddy got involved in that almost left him paralysed,
And while he was yet to undergo a major surgery that was billed to save his life, Regina was said to have moved out of their Oak Avenue home in Hampstead, Longsland with her three kids to live in a shelter home.

Regina reportedly obtained a restriction order on her husband restraining him from talking to her and having access to the kids. He is said to be able to see them at the Police Station on the days he is approved to see them.

Regina's daughter, Olympia is said to be three while her son, Ruddy is almost eight months old .