'Please Go Back To School'- Kemi Adebita Tells Young Boys Asking For Date

Source: Mary Jane Eze/Nigeriafilms.com

It is obvious, top female Video director, Kemi Adetiba who is 34-year-old won't stop getting 'date' offers from men and boys who are younger than her.

The bold and daring diva who often expresses her feelings and is always conscious about matters concerning her recently took to Instagram to address the issue of young boys constantly bugging her with awkward date requests.

Reacting to a message sent by a younger fan who confessed to be very romantic and wants to be 'her man', Kemi says she isn't looking at younger guys and advises them to 'go to school and enjoy the young girls with perky every things there.'

"I swear I ADORE my followers/supporters. All of y'all. I swear I every single one of you. The crushes and proclamations of love tickle me silly, and I'm so appreciative that gravity hasn't hit my ability to “get it” as it has hit my bust area However, broda if you're not in Uni yet, me even breathing in your direction can get me arrested na Go to school. Enjoy the young girls with perky every things there. Trust me… They are more fun. But Thank you. Thank you. I DO enjoy the messages, the Instagram posts, comments in the comments section, tweets, snaps, WCWs, offers for dates, and offers to date. Y'all are too cute!! ?However…' she captioned the photo of a direct message she got from a 'toaster'.