Flirting with Women is a Personal Decision…Segun Arinze

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Nollywood actor, Segun Arinze, has continued to grace the industry with his great acting skills which has continued to earn him various scripts and with his outstanding delivery, he has been able to set a good standard for himself to an extent.

For some actors in the industry, they would have been carried away by fame and fortune but Segun has been able to strike a balance of what he wants and how he goes about the things he does.

The actor stated that female fans flock around him but he has been able to escape them by simply ignoring their excesses.

On how he handles female excesses he told Newtelegraph, “I ignore it; I try as much as I can to ignore it.” Noting that over time he has been harassed but choice to be wise about. “I think I have but you fall when you want to fall. It's a personal decision to be silly or wise.”