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'Fund Ya Hustle'

By Cynthia Asoegwu
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“A young population if empowered and well developed will be a resource that will lead to innovation, economic growth, support good governance and drive political reforms.”

This reality however, can become actualized, by harnessing and promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation and value addition amongst our youths, through economic empowerment initiatives.

Many youths are currently hustling inline with their skill and passion to simply make ends meet and with access to the needed support and minimal funds, can upscale their hustle.

Fully aware of the above described scenario, the “Fund Ya Hustle” contest has been designed to provide the needed support to 5 finalists in a bid to promote entrepreneurship amongst Nigerian youths as a means for sustainable economic empowerment, as well as an avenue to boost job creation and add value to society through quality service rendition and product or project development.

Through this contest we hope to support the finalists with access to professional business advisory, target market exposure and step-up funding within our capacity.

As a social-impact enterprise focused on driving economic empowerment and progressive development of youths and women, we are writing to request your support for our project, by accepting to be a part of the 234 Alliance.

The 234 Alliance is our term for our partners and sponsors, who are willing to commit their influence, platform and funds to facilitate our projects geared towards the development of Nigerian youths and women. As a network our focus is social support, at no charge to our target audience, hence we request your support.

As a part of the 234 Alliance, we are offering brand recognition on our website – - logo placement on our landing page, brand profile published on our site, weblink listing in our online resource centre, as well as on all relevant publications.

This project is an initiative which is currently sponsored by Visionary Impact Netwox. We have provided project development, management and online marketing support for various social-impact projects and start-ups, as well as our own projects which can be confirmed by online search – such as Visionary Teens Development Program and the Visionaries Hub Hangout.

About 'Fund Ya Hustle'
Fund Ya Hustle – Project Brief OVERVIEW Jide is a 26year-old resident of Ikeja, Lagos state. His highest academic qualification is WAEC and a 6 months apprenticeship in videography. He has video editing and graphics design skills, but his ability to earn a good living for himself is limited as he doesn’t own a camera or a laptop that can handle the level of editing required for quality output. He is currently saving from his limited income to buy a fairly used laptop from computer village so he can at least edit his work and increase his earnings, while still renting cameras to cover events. Hopefully with increased earnings from his video editing and design jobs he can buy a camera of his own.

His target for a laptop and to install the needed software is N95,000. It is common knowledge that the Nigerian entrepreneurship environment is not an utterly friendly one, especially with lack of government infrastructure in place which makes it difficult for start-ups to kick-off and grow into their full potential, be it innovative, commercial or socialimpact based projects and ventures.

This is despite the large market opportunity available - an array of problems seeking to be solved and needs yearning to be qualitatively met. For many of these Nigerian youths despite their commitment to their “hustle”, certain limiting factors such as start-up advisory, funding/financial advisory, and access to market have conditioned their business or project’s growth to simply running at start-up level. Notwithstanding these very obvious challenges, many Nigerian youths have stood their ground in order to irk out a living for themselves by venturing into businesses and social-impact projects based on their skills, talent and passion. Thus, there is a need to provide the needed support to encourage more youths to venture into business as well as activate innovative and community development projects.

If achieved and sustained, will inspire more youths to do same, drive job creation and an improved national economy. OBJECTIVE Fully aware of the above described scenario and need, the “Fund Ya Hustle” contest has been designed to provide the needed support to 5 finalists in a bid to promote entrepreneurship amongst Nigerian youths as a means for sustainable economic empowerment, as well as an avenue to boost job creation and add value to society through quality service rendition and product or project development. 2 | P a g e FEATURES / BREAKDOWN “Fund Ya Hustle” is the funding initiative of Visionary Impact Netwox – a social enterprise committed to economic empowerment of Nigerian youths and women run via – its virtual youth community space.

Fund Ya Hustle – seeks to provide financial and business support to 5 individuals with business, innovative or social-impact ventures / projects. It is not for new ideas or projects yet to be established. The contest is open to Nigerian online users, with already established projects or ventures operational in Nigeria, with Nigerians as its target audience. Entries will be reviewed by the project panel to shortlist 30 semi-finalists from which through online audience voting, 5 finalists will be selected as beneficiaries with 1 winner of the cash prize.

- Provision of financial and start-up advisory to 5 finalists

- Provision of N100,000 step-up grant to 1 winner - PR and marketing of the 5 finalist’s hustle across partner media outlets and affiliated platforms

- Provide support for start-ups to scale up their businesses or projects - To encourage more youths to develop their talent and skills into business ventures no matter how little with proper advisory and access to marketing information

- Encourage more youths to develop social-impact projects geared towards community development - Up-scaling of their ventures and projects we believe will lead to expansion and increased reach in terms of service and potential job creation ABOUT 234CENTRAL.COM Designed to serve as a virtual youth Centre, is Nigeria’s No.1 social-support space for trendy, skilled and enterprising youths to connect, share and achieve.

It is an initiative of Visionary Impact Netwox an economic – empowerment focused social enterprise, targeting youth and women. Its core service functionality is geared towards nation and capacity building through social support in the form of - project development, PR facilitation and media communication for social sector activities and initiatives.

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