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Don't Call Me Nollywood Star—Dele Odule Warns

Source: Helen Olohunde/
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Dele Odule, a very popular Nigerian actor, who has been in the industry for several years, is one in his generation still doing great in the industry. The Ogun State-born star actor has featured in countless movies and he has shown no sign of retiring soon.

In a recent interview with Sahara TV, the actor, who was in the US, said he does not like being referred to as a Nollywood star.

Odule explained that he finds hole in the adoption of Nollywood in describing the Nigerian movie industry, which is why he would love to be addressed as a Yoruba actor from Nigeria.

"I don't see myself as a Nollywood artiste, I am just a Yoruba actor from Nigeria. If we must copy the 'wood', we must do it correctly.

“Bollywood is in Bombay, Hollywood is in California, there is need for me to know where Nollywood is in Nigeria. That is why i don't see myself as a Nollywood actor."