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The Trial Of Brother Sara-jero

By Ifedayo Obi
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There is a Sara-Jero who lives in his father's village for some years and became prominent among his colleagues. As a Prince who dreamed to be a King one day, he was deceived by his brother's enemies that they will assist him to ascend throne without normal procedures. They gave him conditions to leave his father's house and join them to dislodge his brother from the throne.

Sara-Jero yielded to the quest and demanded to be made third in command. He brought all his associates to the new fold and tore his brother robe. This action caught many unaware that a Prince fed fat by the kingdom can summon such effrontery to erode his brother's image by teaming up with enemies' camp. He gang up with his siblings; Amac, Kwak, Tamb, Wamk, Nyak, Elfa, Fati, Oyin, Segu and supported by their old uncle Obas to invent his new friends mission.

Eventually, they succeeded and basked round the village in euphoria of victory. However, when the time to share the spoils came, the man who initiated Sara-Jero and his siblings movement to the new camp changed face.

Since there was no covenant made with gods of the village, nobody can hold him, TINU responsible. TINU believed if any of Sara-Jero's camp stay closer to the king, he might be quickly left behind in the kingdom. So he staged script to exclude Sara-Jero from occupying 3rd position in the village. But Sara-Jero ran to his father's house for support, as a forgiven father, he was welcome and made number three in command of the village under his new camp.

This singular act infuriated Tinu to the marrow that he released venom against the new king and stayed away from village meeting. He furthered scripted 5 acts with many scenes that would be staged in market square of the village. TINU forecast that out of 5 Acts one will click.

Act 1 scene1-3: New king was misinformed that Sara-Jero and his siblings have plotted to take power back to their father's dynasty. This pricked the new king's heart to the point he disliked Sara-Jero and his siblings.

Act 2 scene1-2: forgery of royal's Staff was displayed and taken to court by Tinu's brothers,

Act 3 Scene 1: Sara-Jero's wife was invited to the temple for selling yam tubers of another woman,

Act4 Scene1: Tinu collude with priest in the temple of election to remove Sara-Jero,

Act5 Scene1-5: Asset declaration by Sara-Jero was fanned to a priest with dubious character in the temple of Justice. This Act5 is at scene 3 as at the time of filing this chronicle.

While all villagers are still in market square expecting the remaining scenes. As Sara-Jero is fighting by masquerades coming out from all firing cylinders, many are wondering if Sara-Jero can scale through the 5th Act and still remain as 3rd in command in the village.

To make things worse for Sara-Jero, his father's house and friends in new camp are also feeling the heat. Sara-Jero was not sensitive enough to discern Tinu's obsession for power, if not he would have learnt from what Tinu's did to his blood brother, Fash. Fash was sent to market square during heavy rain for eyeing Seriki(COS) to the new king. Sara-Jero's action to turn down AP6 list for school principals was an injury, he added salt to it by celebrating 100days than the new king and moving round the white towns to get recognition.

Beside Fash, Mela who is the closest to Sara-Jero has been reported to temple of election justice, Davi and Akpa are also swimming in the same village sea. May be you want to know that Sara-Jero siblings like Amac, Kwak, Segu and co will come back from village river with basket of water and basket cannot hold water.

To unfold the whole truth, Tinu want his former camp A6N to dominate the throne just as the new king want his former camp 6P6 to own the empire. Tinu and the new king plans is to bring the three old camps to their knees by sending them to political asylum in other villages. In no distant time, Ogbo and co will regret for being part of AP6.

We hereby advise everyone in village's market square to absolve nobody in this trial, all the actors are pots calling kettles black.

Ifedayo Obi,
Lives in Abuja,
Good Governance Advocates
[email protected]

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