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Fayose: That Player They Didn't Give A Chance

By Olanrewaju From Ado Ekiti
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Have you seen a coach who fielded a player the rest of the world called a misfit? Pundits and armchair critics saw failure, they gave the player no chance but the coach put all faith in him despite overwhelming opposition.

The coach knew the pain and the shame inherent in putting such trust in the player just like someone putting his egg in one basket. Yes anything could happen, but he held on to the star in his imagination against all odds.

Imagine the feeling of the coach when the player no one gave any chance except him scores goals. Imagine the triumphant smile and sigh of vindication. That is what we are feeling now in Ekiti.

We are that coach, our star player is the Ayodele Fayose they have demonized so much in the media.

We endured insults , Ekiti became a subject of discuss when they wanted to talk about making bad choice. Even that Babatunde Raji Fasola who has Ekiti blood flowing in his veins did not spare the land of his ancestors some insults. He labeled us 'land of stomach infrastructure'. Imagine such a stone from an illegitimate son who used the left hand to indicate his father's domicile.

Fayose picked the stone hauled at us by Fasola and polished it until it shines. Stomach infrastructure is no longer an insult, it is now part of programs designed to alleviate the suffering of the masses.

You will be making mistake if you fix your gaze on food alone, this stomach infrastructure is beyond bowel refilling, in Fayose's Ekiti workers welfare is of priority, grants and loans to farmers, artisans, cyclists, traders...etc, when source of livelihood of people are being enhanced, putting foods on the table won't be hard. That is stomach infrastructure.

It would have been easy to blend in with the rest and end up like them (like Osun for instance) but we took different route laid with intimidation and insults but we stood our grand and it is working.

Now, our star player is scoring, don't question that look of I-told-you-so on our faces, it is the Lord's doing.

I thank God I am from a state where people can see calamity before it dawns and averted it. I am proud of Ekiti. Thumps up for the star player - Oshoko of Africa.

Olanrewaju writes from Ado Ekiti