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I Met My First Girlfriend At Mortuary—Baba De Baba

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He is known as the comedian with the biggest ear but he does not feel threatened by any of his colleagues in the industry as he tries as much as possible to remain genuine with his comedy than to remix what others have said already.

Comedian, Baba D Baba, in this exclusive interview with, open up on how why he is yet to get an endorsement deals, what he has been up to and when he had how he felt having his first s3x.

Excepts below;

You are more frequent on social media than on stage, what has been happening?

People think that a face is scarce if you don't see people at events especially a comedian's face. When you don't see a comedian at events, that means the person is somewhere making money. Those red carpet events they don't pay celebrities for it, so if you have not been seeing my face that means I'm somewhere making money.

Aside stand-up comedy, what else do you do to make more money for yourself?

I'm an MC, into event management and I have an artiste right now under me which is one of the reasons why I have not been seen like that. I have been very busy trying to push the artiste, Melody H, and we just shot his video. Not that I'm going into singing o, but I will feature in the video.

Does it mean that comedy is so scarce these days that we keep hearing same jokes all the time?

If you talk about comedians recycling jokes, there are comedians who don't have jokes and what they do is to listen to people's jokes just the way you have live bands. Recently it was all over the news that I fought with a guy for recycling jokes. Now it is left for you the journalist to keep writing and talking about because people think people don't care but we know people care. I know a company I would have worked for they said they don't need a comedian anymore because the comedian they used the two years before that time did some jokes and they wanted to change the face and they brought a new comedian for the next year and the comedian was saying the same thing the last comedian said and to them they think comedians say the same thing and they stopped using comedians now it is affecting the business. It is now the duty of the journalist to keep questioning why these jokes are being recycled that will now push the comedians to fight but if we fight and nobody is talking about it, it means the people are not making sense.

Talking about endorsement deals, why have you not joined the clicks of those that get endorsed?

Endorsement deals? How many comedians have been endorsed? We have over one thousand comedians in Nigeria and comedians that have been endorsed are not up to five. Now this is it, people were not really appreciating comedy it is now that comedy is becoming so serious that comedians are now beginning to get endorsements. It is now people will begin to check who is original, who they will to be their brand ambassador. Initially it started with acting, music now it is the turn of the comedy industry to start getting deals, I just believe with time, we will get more comedians getting endorsement deals and we have so many comedians who are working hard.

What did you actually study in school?

I studied computer science and I am also a trained journalist. I went to Federal Radio Coporation of Nigeria to study journalism.

So why then pick on comedy?

I have actually wanted to be an entertainer, actually an actor because I use to be very funny in church, no matter how it is, you will always know that Chidi is on stage because that was the name they know me with then. But it got to a stage that the drama group leader became envious that he had to star masking me; he stopped giving me roles that I will open my face. He will ask me to play roles of the evil spirit that they will have to mask me so that people will not know it was me, yet when I climb the stage, people will start shouting Chidi. So with that I thought I will become an actor and I tried going into acting, I was duped, I will go for the auditions, I will pass the audition and then the script I will never get to act it after they have collected money, so since the whole idea was to make people laugh, I know I could make people laugh through stand-up comedy, so that was how I went into stand-up comedy and within a short while, I was on TV and it did not take me time to get fame. I just believe this is where God wants me to be.

So is comedy paying off for you?

By the grace of God.

You are a graduate doing fine, when did you had your first girlfriend?

My first girlfriend was in 2004. When my mum died, I met the girl in the mortuary, where I was supposed to be crying, I was admiring somebody (Laughs), so that was the first girl I dated. She came with my mother's people and she came to pamper me and instead of being pampered, it was turning me on. We dated for like two years but the main dating was like a week, but I never had s3x with her because she was living at Obalanle while I was living at Maryland and I was a house help, so there was no I could see her except when my oga was not around then I will go to Obalende that is if I see money to steal because I have to steal money to transport myself. I wasn't really doing anything and my own was just to go and see her and we will stand outside and she will ask me wetin you carry come though she was still a student and we were still young then.

Now when did you have your first s3x?

Laughs, well I'm not suppose to discuss this but it was in 2007 but the lady said I did not do it well but to me, I did it with all my heart but I did not do it well because I did not know where the thing was suppose to enter.

So have actually worked as a house boy?

Yes, that is what brought me to Lagos