Former handler of the national team, Adegboye Onigbinde, has expressed fear over the possibility of the new national team handler, Lars Lagerback to assemble a team that could give Nigeria a credible outing at the FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

Speaking at a briefing in Lagos Friday, Onigbinde, who took Nigeria to the Korea/Japan 2002, said the time between now and June when the tournament would kick off in South Africa is too short for building a team that entails a lot of variables.

He wondered how Lagerback hopes to achieve his objective of giving Nigeria a good team before the World Cup's kicks- off when the team was yet to commence camping. 'We hear the team will be assembled in the middle of May and the World Cup begins in mid-June. Does he has the time to do all that is required of a sound and well blended team?' Onigbinde asked.

The Modakeke chief remarked: 'Football is a simple game but with very complex components. The team has to be mentally, physically and psychologically fit to compete successfully in a tournament of that magnitude,'

When reminded of the semi final target set for Lagerback by the Nigeria Football Associatio(NFF), Onigbinde quipped, 'May God give him the wisdom to achieve that.'