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K1 De Ultimate Speaks On Fuji Stars Delving Into Hip Hop

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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Some fans of Fuji music may have been wondering lately why few of their top stars have been trying their luck with hip hop genre of music like Pasuma, Maliaka and others.

One important stakeholder that is also miffed by this trend in legendary Fuji musician, K1 De Ultimate, but he has the belief that Fuji music will not go into extinction. In his point of view, the genre of music is still loved by many.

But he warned musicians delving into hip hop not to forget or lose their originality.

“The future of Fuji music is still very much intact and going higher. What I want you to do is to go back to my albums both the old and the new and create something different from them. In every of my composition, I tried as much as possible to go in-depth with lyrics and sounds.

“In Fuji music, you can't just drum; the drumming must have meaning. When my drummers drum, they must say something and most of the things they say through drums are cultural.

“When I sing, I try as much as possible to eulogize the rich cultural values of our people, I try to project the true richness of the African culture, the Yoruba heritage to be precise.

“So, going hip-hop could as well be seen as a trend but it will be better if they don't lose their originality. I have many albums to buttress that,” he told Daily Times in an interview.