How I Healed A Bedridden Woman—Star Actor, Charles Inojie

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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Comic actor, producer and director, Charles Inojie, disclosed in a recent interview that he will not stop his children from delving into showbiz if they show interest in it.

According to him, he was never forced into his profession and would also not force his children into any profession.

In his words, “First of all, I like to put it straight that nobody tried to influence the choice I made to become what I am today. I simply went to study Theatre Arts and here I am.

“It would be uncharitable therefore for me to model my children by way of trying to influence what they should become in the future. I think those days are gone that parent try to force careers on their children.”

He also said he is happy with the acknowledgments he gets from his fans.

“Nigerians are very encouraging. I have received phone calls severally from fans who share their love and appreciations with us towards what we do. One of such calls stands out.

“This woman called to say her mother was diagnosed of one of those old age sicknesses and was bed ridden for days and the doctors were losing hope on her. But as she stumbled on one of the films I acted and watched it, she demanded her daughter to keep bringing movies that I featured in.

“To the amazement of the doctors and children, their mother started recovering fast to treatment. I felt like a doctor and I have jokingly asked that the Medical Association serve me a certificate. Stories like these are just so encouraging,” he to National Daily.