Nollywood Actors Don’t Care About Themselves… Prince Ifeanyi Dike

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

The chairman of Board of Trustees of Actors Guild of Nigeria AGN, Prince Ifeanyi Dike, has stated that Nollywood actors do not have time to rest or take good care of themselves because they are busy moving from one location to the other.

Ifeanyi stated that popularity makes some actors ashamed to come out when they are sick urging them not to live above their income as there is no problem if they don't have cars.

After his successful kidney surgery in India in 2012, the onetime actor warned celebrities that they don't have to take substances to keep themselves fit all in the name of being a celeb.

“Lifestyle is a very important aspect. You don't have to smoke or drink to be a good actor. You don't have to take a lot of pain killers or sleeping pills. Nigerian actors don't have time to rest or take care of themselves. It is usually from one location to another. They don't check what they eat or drink, they live a carefree life,” he told Encomium.

“Popularity makes some actors ashamed to come out when they are sick. They should live their lives, if you don't have a car, don't kill yourself. Live your life. Actors should do other things to survive. There are a lot of things that can give them money, some have good voices, they can sing. I know an actor who also has an engineering workshop too. They shouldn't live above their means. Some struggle to appear on the red carpet, don't emulate people who have made it, live your own life,” he added.