Nosa Speaks On Changes At Choc City

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Choc City singer, Nosa Shadrax Omoregie, has stated that though he is in the midst of other singers which many termed as circular artistes, but he feels that the label most have seen something unique about him before they came for him to be under the label.

The singer stressed that as Pastor and a singer, he does not like to create a divide between a circular artiste and a gospel singer because it is all about the art and like the saying, 'by their fruits, we shal know them.

He noted that he has been a pastor for a while, he is not a church person but more of a kingdom person than church and as such aside his style of delivery, Choc City may have seen other things in him which motivated them.

Nosa explained that the current administrative changes the label is going through can in no way affect the artistes under it if they actually know what they are doing because the structures are being adjusted to favour them as artistes.

On the coming back of Jess Jagz into the label, the singer stated that it is a great thing that can happen as it is just brothers coming together to unite as before.