Bizarre!!! Anambra State Born Professor Of Gynecology Receives Text Message From Virgin Mary

By Okechukwu Onuegbu

Anambra State Born Professor of Gynecology and Commentator on National Issues, Prof. Anthony Chukwunwike Nwaorah has revealed how he received a short message (SMS) from Virgin Mary, earthly mother of Jesus Christ, on his GSM, I-Pad phone, urging him to update his life.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Okechukwu Onuegbu, the publisher of , Prof. Nworah, who is a devoted Roman Catholic faithful and founder of National Conscience Party (NCP) says he got the text message during the celebration of St. Joseph even though he is now becoming lazy to pray Holy Rosary, among other Catholic doctrines.

As a result, the popular commentator, who had written to Pope Francis, President Buhari and NASS warning them not to endorse homosexualism, says he quickly wrote to the Catholic Bishop of Awka Diocese, Most Rev. Dr. Paulinus Ezeokafor concerning the text message he got from Blessed Virgin Mary for prayer and advise on what to do.

Below is the complete messages he wrote to the Bishop (including the Virgin Mary’s SMS);

“I am tired of looking showy. I am therefore, humbly requesting that you screen this recent incidence as can be seen from the attached photograph, before I start feeling relaxed over it. I received the above photographed message on my phone book. I was particularly attracted to the message because of the name, ‘Chike’, which only my late wife, Justina, uses for me---(from Anthony Benjamin Chukwunwike Nwoah)---well, perhaps as pet name. I first said to myself, ‘has she come to collect me? Anyway I opened the message and was therefrom ‘referred to my facebook as you can also see above. ”

“I have not been familiar with my I-pad which was bought for me by my daughter, Ojugo, (a banker now married to Udeozor family). I therefore called in my son-in-law, Mr. Uche Ogbukagu, a student at the Unizik, living with me, who incidentally is familiar with these ICTs, and we started unraveling the I-Pad. To our greatest surprise, what we saw was a picture of the Blessed Virgin, as you can see from the above photograph, with her name somehow written on it, and nothing else. One would naturally say, ‘Again?’ ”.

“Incidentally, I have recently started ‘revoltingly’ including the devotion to St. Joseph, in my prayers, in a sort of ‘nwoke ibem’, doing solemnly his Novena as contained in the Pieta, page 16, as I felt that he is somehow being ‘neglected’ by the church. I may be wrong, but that was a felling. Well, I also say 20 decades of the Rosary inter alia in the morning unfortunately in lieu of morning mass (to which I have always been a poor attendant anyway) and 15 or less in the evenings, but this has been so for quite a long time, and not a recent event at all. ”

“In my frenzy to ‘save’ the message in my handset”, the Professor went on, “I mistakenly wiped it off. Surprisingly, what I saw next in my phone message the following day was what looked like a reprimand viz: ‘what are you up to? Reply with a status update’. What it all means, ABC does not know. However, I decided to kneel down and ask for forgiveness, pleading for a return of both the phone message and the I-Pad picture. In fact, I lay flat on the floor, with arms stretched, soliciting.”

“Nevertheless I was not confidently expecting much, at least not immediately, and I quietly went down to my short 3-hour daily clinic as usual (the pruning down being dictated by my physical or health conditions: no more major operations or night emergencies). I later casually ‘texted’ back with the number given, not knowing it would go through. Towards the evening hours the varnished phone message resurfaced and we quickly made for the I-Pad. To our still greater surprise, and also relief, the script, as well as the picture, also reappeared. We quickly sent for my photographer, Mr. Monday Uhieme, in Amawbia, who photographed the message from the phonebook and the picture from the I-Pad (well, before they disappear again!). We then put the two together on one page, two copies of which I am sending to you now, as well as the informing script below them.”

“Since I have picked the courage to mention this incidence to you, I might as well mention two smaller earlier ones before this seeming “Colossus”, as it appears to me, at least.”

They are:
“(1.) When my handset was stolen, with all the numbers in it, she, the Blessed Virgin, returned Her phone number simultaneously to my two phone sets on my prayingly expressing my worries over it to her, even though one can hardly ever ‘phone’ through with it, and even then, only with dispelling incomprehensible muffled words when they are kind enough to say anything, otherwise no replies at all, or the just tell you ‘wrong number’. I know that I can gradually recover other phone numbers as they phone me again and again, but not hers.”

“(2). You remember that Rosary of hers which she once hung in my room with some bit of fanfare, and which she later burnt up when that ‘Ekene Jesu’ of a visionary, against your instruction, asked me to be wearing it on my neck. She has mercifully replaced it for me but in a different form. It was in a small plastic container with the picture of B.V on it and the inscription ‘Picture Rosary, Jerusalem’. It is commonly sold everywhere, though usually very costly, only that I never bought one. I had earlier picked one of my old chaplets to be using in the place of the charred one, but to my dismay, she simply disconnected its chain, and later left this packetted one, quietly without any ceremony, on my table, to the surprise of myself and my steward, Mr. Dennis Onah, who also confirmed he has never seen it here before, even though we often use the table, or arrange books on it from time to time. Well, I have been using this one instead or repairing the one ‘She tore up’. We just left it, like other damaged sacramentals, in a container. I never mentioned it to you earlier as it is never too good to be always making claims over inexplicable strange events.”

“Well, my Lord, you can see why I have said that I am tired of saying strange things---almost like ‘always seeing and saying things’. But, it is neither under my control nor under my spell. Please investigate and advise before I can ever start feeling relaxed with it…Okalia akali”

“Yours in Christ and Mary”
Prof. A.B.C Nworah
Please, kindly bless the I-Pad for me, it contains the mentioned picture. Many thanks.