Praises as Saheed Osupa and Alabi Pasuma Breaks Fast Together

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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No matter how wealth can separate friends from the other, there is always that one thing that will always bring them to a particular spot and that is prayer or would you say religion.

The ongoing Muslim Ramadan fast, has brought some friends together who one rarely see hangout from time to time but with the love behind the praying season of Islam, most friends are now coming to sit and wine together in the name of love and peace.

Recently, two veteran Fuji artistes, Osupa Saheed and Alabi Pasuma, were spotted at a praying ground where they had come together with other Muslim faithful to break their fast.

Since the picture surfaced online, some fans have rejoiced to see both singers together but some are still in doubt about their closeness as they see it as mere hypocrisy.

Nathaniel_adewale: Hypocrisy! You can't deceive God even if you deceive man

Callmetoks: Wow, one love. Thought they were Cat and Mouse. Thank God for his mercies.

Nathaniel_adewale: it's about criticism. You and I know it's a fact that their hearts is far and hostile to each other. They can lie to man but they can't lie to God.