eLDee Wants President Buhari's Government To Provide The Following- - -

Source: Titilope Adeuja/Nigeriafilms.com

After disappearing from main stream music in Nigeria, Lanre Dabiri better known as eLDee, is back with a solution to curb piracy in Nigeria and also pay artistes get payments for their creative works used anywhere.

The music producer cum artiste said he has been developing a software programme and website that will help artiste enjoy the benefits of their hard work in the business.

While speaking with National Mirror, the artiste revealed what he wants the new government to do for a better society for every Nigerian.

"Everybody is talking about government doing this, government doing that. All we need is for government to create an enabling environment for everyone to thrive. From there, we will solve our own problems.

"They should just give us light, roads, water and security. We are okay. We will solve our problems. That is what I think we need. Those are the problems that face us every day and I think piracy can be solved if we have all the basic amenities. We will solve it.

"We are smart people. All of us know we are smart. Why are we so blind? Why? There is no reason but only for the fact that we are not thinking about our problems the right way. Everybody likes to complain. Personally, I am tired of complaining. If I see a problem, I will look for a solution.

"In general, this government has preached change. By some of the elements that are part of the government, they have some suggestion that there will be change. But until it happens, you cannot confirm it.

"Just as the government that the people did not have any more trust in was voted out, if this new government does not fulfill their promise, they will be treated the same way. So, for me, I will like to see that they fulfill of their promises. I like the agenda they have for the nation and if they put in the necessary commitment, it will do us a lot of good."