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By MATHEW obaro

Health imbalance creates a chain of reactions in your body that affects you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Within your body, the organs that keep you functioning properly are strained and weakened when the body equilibrium is disrupted. When one organ is damaged it cannot fully perform its function and hence becomes the weakest link. This weakened link then slowly begins to cause problems to the organs to which it is connected. If left unchecked, the downhill spiral will continue until your body is overwhelmed with too many ailments. But sometimes the situation improves when it is a spiritual attacked. Many people are unaware of their allergies so they don't question any strange symptom.

We don't know what it is. But it is there. Whether you believe it or not, the whole thing has been proved true. Actually most of us don't really believe in the supernatural. But when something really happens to make your life somersault, then you have to believe it.

It was on the morning of Sunday 13th Dec 2009, I felt like watching TV so, I tuned the station to my taste. I got to a station called EMMANUEL T.V owned by The Synagogue Church of All Nations; I was really surprised to see it because I was wondering what would be special about this station and what people normally said about Pastor T.B Joshua.

It was prophecy time, T.B Joshua said there was a brother whose manhood was not working but he could only use it to urinate. That was how the man came out and which he later told the brother that he was the cause, that he slept with a prostitute and which the brother confirmed immediately. I later saw a huge crowd of people coming out from the congregation claiming that they had the same problem that is loss of manhood, seeing fresher numbers those suffering with the same problem-T.B Joshua gave them all anointed water for their deliverance.

On 20th Dec 2009 Mr Nweke Felix and the people that were given anointed water came back to testify to the good work of God in their lives.

Only two people were given the privilege to speak because there were many people, so it was only Mr Nweke Felix and Mr Samson Adam that testified after their manhood has been restored. Mr Samson Adam told the congregation that after he drank the anointed water, he rushed into the toilet because his stomach started hurting him that was how he received his healing from God through his servant Prophet T.B Joshua.

These are some of the misfortunes which referred by many people out there in the past. At the beginning, I did not think much about it as l had no belief in the supernatural. We can't blindly say that such supernatural things do not exist in our lives they exist, but it takes only the grace of God to put the hand of the devil in his place.