First FMB Africa Conference And Exhibition

By ocppress

Is Africa fulfilling the commitments made at the 2006 Abuja Fertilizer Summit to support agricultural development? Do African agri-businesses really notice any change on the ground? Is South-South cooperation within Africa making a difference? Are fertilizers becoming more accessible in Africa? These are some of the subjects that will be explored by speakers at the 1st FMB Africa Fertilizer Conference & Exhibition in Marrakech, Morocco, 7-9 April.

OCP Group, leading global producer of phosphate and derived products, is hosting the event, the first-ever gathering of global and African companies specifically addressing the production, trade and commercialization of fertilizers for markets across Africa.

Featured speakers
· Mr. Mostafa Terrab, CEO of OCP Group will deliver the opening address and discuss his company's activities;

· Dr. Maria Wanzala, Senior Specialist, NEPAD Agency, will review progress toward the objectives of the Abuja Declaration;

· A panel of businesspeople from a range of countries including Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, Mali, Malawi, Togo and Tanzania, among others will discuss their real-life experiences in an interactive debate.

· Mr. Mhamed Ibnabdeljalil, Executive Vice President for Commercial Affairs, OCP Group, will talk about what OCP is doing to better serve Africa's farmers and contribute to a genuine Green Revolution in Africa.

Other sessions will consider the global context, the logistical situations in Africa and developments that are making it possible for farmers to have greater access to products adapted to their specific needs.

Fertilizers are particularly important for the sustainable development of Africa's agricultural economy because of the continent's naturally poor soils and ongoing soil nutrient depletion that contributes to persistent hunger and poverty as well as extreme and sometimes irreversible land degradation.