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National Association Of University Student Demands Immediate Re- Opening Of Lagos State Of University. (lasu)

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Pursuant to the publication of March 23rd, 2015, (issued from the office of the NAUS. Vice-President South/west) in which we faulted the management's decision to announce an election recess for students and staff of the university without stipulating date of resumption, it is four weeks now since after the elections across the federation without any formal pronouncement on resumption date. We would like to reiterate that the continued shut down of academic activities on our various campuses is taking its toll on our students, and the Students' Union is firmly against this. It should be noted that upon the announcement of the said recess, the Union had urged the

management to give a specific date of resumption but they never did. It is four weeks now since after the federal and states elections without post elections violence. The political atmosphere has been calm and peaceful and as such, we believe the management should have toll the line of other higher institutions that declared election. recess and thereafter, resumed activities.

However, the Students' Union is worried about this development, adding that academic calendar is still running. The tradition in LASU that students are rushed into writing exams eight weeks after resumption due to crises management would no longer be accommodated, as it does not allow real preparation for such exams.

Secondly, our graduating students who are expected to resume NYSC camp on the 5th of May have their fate hung as a result of the protracted face off between the Staff Union and the management. We urge the wary faction to swiftly reach a compromise as we will stand tall to face anybody who intends to sacrifice the future of students on the alter of personal gains.

Thirdly, it should be noted that our final year law students are expected to proceed to law school with their colleagues from other higher institutions. On this note, the current crisis should be resolved now so as to make this possible. We want a shift from the norm backlog of law students waiting for space for

law school as this will enable them proceed on the mandatory NYSC.

On the Issue of Convocation, it is sadden that only in LASU you find cancellation of convocation ceremonies few days to the event regardless of what parents and guardians might have expended for such purpose.

The tradition of non-issuance of certificates to the convocants at convocation ceremony must stop, as this does not conform with global academic standard.

Therefore, we call on the school authority, staff and Lagos State Government to find a common ground in order to paddle LASU to the promise land, as we wait anxiously for a rescheduled convocation ceremony soonest.

On the issue of the Current State of the University, we urge all concerned to, as a matter of urgency embrace peaceful dialogue, noting the fact that the demands presented by the staff unions should be immediately looked into by the Lagos State government and the management in order that academic activities return to LASU campuses. If truly LASU must be great, students, staff,management and Lagos State Government must work

in unison. Self aggrandizement, personal gratification and self glorification should be cast aside. We should not forget that the main objective of establishing this citadel of learning is purely for academic purpose and to produce quality graduates who will add value

to the larger society. Any other objective is
complimentary and we do know that this can only be possible citeris paribous.

Finally, we want to state emphatically that the
Students' Union leadership and the student populace would no longer tolerate any further delay that will impend the quick resolution of the ongoing crisis. To this end, we therefore present our demands as follows:

* Immediate Re-opening of the school
* Immediate settlement between the. management and staff unions and granting of the later's reasonable demands.

* Meeting the rescheduling of convocation ceremony before the end of April.

* That the Lagos State Government should assume the position of an unbiased umpire in the ongoing crisis between the Management and the Staff Unions.

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