Uduaghan should stop deceiving self

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Sir, No matter how hard Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan of Delta State tries to extradite himself from former Governor James Ibori, nobody would listen to him. Uduaghan

has to reply to unprovoked matter whereby in the media recently he denied having misunderstanding with Ibori. Who asked him or from where did he learn that people are accusing him of falling apart with his mentor, cousin and benefactor. He just imagined or fabricated that he was being accused of such.

Nevertheless, no amount of diversionary statement or attitude of Uduaghan would make Deltans forget that he has not treated the former Governor with the disdain he merits. The nation is talking of James Ibori using the State owned Shares in a bank to guarantee a loan taken by a private company that he has interest, and Uduaghan has done or said nothing about this fraud. No one is in a hurry to forget the knowledge that it was Ibori who brought Uduaghan into governance. Just for the knowledge of the public, Uduaghan originally had arrived Asaba with being the Government House physician in mind, but his cousin (Ibori) whom he grew up with in the same house decided to make him Commissioner in his cabinet; he was later made the Secretary to the State Government (SSG), from where an arrangement was finally hatched 'for a cousin to take over from his cousin' as the Governor of one of the richest States in the federation.

Uduaghan has arrived in year 1999 with a weather-beaten Beetle car of his which at most times was given a push before responding to ignition-power; that was Uduaghan's portion on arrival in Asaba that time.

The fact that Uduaghan continue to keep quiet on the atrocities committed by his cousin, Ibori, especially the 800million Delta State Government Share in the Oceanic Bank PLC should be a concern to every Deltan. Without solving that or bringing Ibori to book, Uduaghan is seeking for a second term in office. One does not blame them, because in Nigeria, government has become a family or cabal affair.

For Delta to move forward, majority as are insisting that Uduaghan does not merit a second term and this position should be supported by all well-meaning Deltan.

Stella Bolokor, Randle Close, VGC, Lagos State

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