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"i Have Been Caged For 16 Years" - Goodluck Jonathan A Rejoinder

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The loss is almost total,it is painful and shameful regret that Goodluck Jonathan could lead the Niger Delta through such a show of Shame.This is worse when Jonathan, a supposed Tiger of the Region said he has all these years been in a cage.

MOSUNDI want Jonathan to tell the world at Large what time he got in his cage . This is a man who was a deputy Governor,an Acting Governor and a Governor.He was a Vice President.Acting President and President.If Jonathan is not the big Liar he is,how can a man at such vantage position say he was in a cage ?

We wish to remind Jonathan that Otuoke where he came from and failed to develop, would not take his cage experience as excuse neither would South South accept that as a reasonable reason

MOSUNDI wish to advise Jonathan not to now reason like one big Monkey Caged in the Sambisa Forest.Let him be wise and stop adding insult to the terrible wound he inflicted on the Niger delta.

Why did he not tell his people that he was caged by someone while he was a president ? SHAME!

We thought his PhD gave him experience to understand the marginalisation of his people by the North and would take steps to change such situation that affected his ancestors and present generation but he wasted our precious time and our collective fortune by marginalising us the more through his woeful failure in government

If as a Governor and as a President,you were in cage, is it NOW that your captors would release you from the cage?No you would remain a CAGED MAN all your Life.

The Luck that Jonathan has is just that he does not have any grown up child that could have inherited his assets and liabilities in life.

As it stands now, GOD has raised new leaders in the Niger Delta. We stand on resource control,True Federalism and gone are the days when our oil blocks would be dashed out to the Hausas and enemies of our Region. Gone are the days we would be seen as second class Citizens to those we feed.

We call on all our freedom fighters to rise up and pursue this with all the vigour it deserves. The time has come once again to defend our stand.