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Finally, They Murdered Goodluck Jonathan

By Ehi Ekhator, Naija Center News
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He is a gentleman, a former vice president who found his way to the top after his boss, Musa Yar'Adua passed away. The only sin he ever committed was that he came from the South South of Nigeria, the least expected region to rule the country; how did he find his way to be the vice president?

His fantasy was made conceivable by a previous President, Olusegun Obasanjo who thought of him as one of the humbled men of honor he had ever seen, he talks just when and where it is important, he tunes in, he complies, and to Obasanjo, he was the ideal imprint to accomplish his ambition since Nigerians thought they were shrewd by pushing him out of his third term dream.

Shockingly for the force alcoholic, the sudden happened. His arrangements fizzled again as the man he made Vice President, in the wake of getting to be president battled for his freedom. He got to be grown up, and as you know, a few folks hate to hear when their youngsters say "I am a grown-up"

As a President, he directed the nation like no different presidents had done, he had his shortcomings, and he confesses to them openly. During his administration, Nigerians acknowledged they have rights, he urged everybody to talk, he never imprisoned any individual who offended him.

Anyway much the same as Julius Caesar, his position was gone for by numerous individuals, especially from the individuals who considered the position as their inheritance. By what means can a Christian run over Muslims, by what method can a minority manage over a larger part? We will make this nation ungovernable for him.

He was chased from left to right, side to side, head to toe. His former godfather took the lead to bring him down. Then propaganda stepped in, terrorism became a business, pastors became closer to God and practice prediction with him.

He was enduring, he made the nation the biggest economy in Africa, returned rail to Nigeria. Built 12 universities in 5 years, built rice mill in both north and south, automobiles trusted him enough to venture into Nigeria. Paypal that accept Nigeria is a nation of tricks all of a sudden affirmed the operation in the nation.

But the problem of insecurity increased, death were reported everyday, destruction and maiming of Christians from the Presidency owners' quarters became on the rise, new media were born and new way of reporting came into existence.

A man who had crucified the media for speculation in the past took the lead to levy accusations without evidence. He was accused of stealing billions of dollars, he was called clueless, and he was ridiculed and insulted before the international communities, westerners, African nations turned against him, even coming out publicly to send insult to the President of a great nation.

He was calm, all he did was explain his position, he asked for patients as he had planted such a large number of seeds sitting tight for them to develop and begin proving to be fruitful. The Nigerians were disappointed and obliged magician to turn the things around.

Nigeria is 54 years, the North governed for 38yrs or more, Obasanjo ruled for a long time and the remaining parts go to the active President, yet the transgression of the nation from independence was put on him, he was nailed on the cross, new activists were conceived and he was utilized as a talking practicum.

He didn't have friends, those who laughed with him were those revealing his information to the media. To the world of parable, Goodluck Jonathan, GEJ as he is fondly called was caught from behind, and whirled violently like a toy boat caught in the whirlpool. Landing on his kneels, he urged himself to ignore the pain that gripped his groin, knowing that it was important not to show any signs of distress since he was already tagged clueless.

They didn't stop, this time, he was hit simultaneously by as many as he could remember, one, his knees' another his stomach, a third, his head shot by a cut to size barrel, his legs shot with an arrow, and his faced received acid attack. His friends and workers were no protection at all. His body seemed to telescope into itself but all the parts didn't fit, and he was stunned by the knowledge that pain isn't just one thing - it is cunning and various, sharp here and sickening there, burning here and clawing there. He clutched himself as he hit the ground, his breath faded away, a terrible stillness pervaded him and then, at the onset of panic, his breath came back again. But his head was already shattered by a hand grenade. Engulfed by nausea, he pitched towards the grass, his mouth encountered gravel, and he spat frantically, afraid that some of his teeth had been knocked out, he saw the country through drifting gauze but held on until everything settled into place, no, hoping it would set into place.

Finally after the Presidential election that took place on the 28 of March, he made his final decision. He tried to get up but his body mutinied against movement. He decided the hell with it. He would go to sleep right here, the hell with trying to convince Nigerians, screw everything, he didn't care anymore to fight what he thinks he believed in.

As a gentleman he is known for, even though he knew the election was massively rigged by the opposition, despite the fact that he knew some of his party individuals were assaulted at the time of voting, despite the fact that he knew numerous kids from the age of 10 were enrolled to vote, despite the fact that he realized individuals at the IDM got voters card while those are the grieved free zones didn't, despite the fact that he understood he may win on the off chance that he chose to challenge the result of the race, decide to go home on the grounds that he had said no politician desire is justified regardless of the life of pure Nigerian

For the murderers, they didn't stop there, despite everything it hurts them to hear individuals address him as legend for giving up without worrying the commonwealth or making a scene that may prompt roughness, then death of blameless Nigerians, they have chosen to utilize the same online networking to assault him, calling him a wide range of names, assaulting the individuals who are calling him a saint.

The inquiry they neglected to ask themselves is this "what might have been the result if President Jonathan had won the election? Would Buhari had called Jonathan to praise him or yield to annihilation? In 2011, more than 800 Nigerians including the NYSC students were murdered by the Presidency owners because the opposition leader, Buhari raised an alarm that the election was rigged.

It is no news that Buhari had gone to tribunal three times out of the four times he had challenged. He had never acknowledged defeat, rather his outrage created the demise of hundreds.

They murdered him, those who he trusted, those he tried to tell by all necessary means that he was there for a change betrayed him, they stabbed him, they sent him to his untimely grave.

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