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Buhari Will Put Nigeria Back On Track------alimikhenena

By Benjamin Atu
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An APC Chieftain and Edo North Senator elect retired Major Francis Alimikhena has assured the nation that the APC is committed to putting the nation back on the track of development to catch up with the rest of the world in infrastructure, science and technology, educational institutions, Health, Economy Stability, Security as well as display express determination not to betray public trust. Despite the damage already done to this nation by the Peoples Democratic Party in the past sixteen years, Buhari has demonstrated that he has the x-factor to take over governance and steer the affairs of the nation to greatness.

The Senator elect in a statement said ' this Victory is not the change we seek. It is only the chance for us to make the change we preach.' This change cannot happen if we go back to same method of doing things. We need a new spirit of service, we must summon a new spirit of patriotism and responsibility, where each of us resolve to work hard and look after not only ourselves but each other. In this country we rise or fall as one nation and one people. let's us resist the temptation to fall back on the immaturity that has poison our politics for so long at the national stage. The statement which was issued by his Media Aide Benjamin Atu added that the APC with all humility is determined to heal the divides that held back our progress in the past. Though passion may have strained, but it must not break our bonds of affection.

Buhari may not have won your vote but he will also be your president. To those who predict that this nation will stop to exist after this election, we have prove that our democracy is matured and the true strength of this nation comes from our ideals and the PVC which has prove himself stronger than a standing army. What the APC State has achieved so far, give us hope for what we can do and must achieve tomorrow. This election had many first and many stories that will be told for generations. This is our time to put our people back to work and open doors of opportunity for our kids; to restore prosperity and promote the cause of peace.

Alimikhena who express confidence in the ability of the president elect said 'Buhari will salvage Nigeria Economy from an inescapable slide down that was glooming in every sector of the economy. APC will be magnanimous in victory but Nigerians must move at our pace and expect a shift from the unproductive public service and corruption that characterize successive government. We are in a hurry to write our name with gold and for this to be attain all Nigerians must learn to be their brother's keeper and start the fight against corruption from our household, street, community, ministries, institutions, agencies, local and state government etc because the in coming administration will not be bisness as usual. Buhari that I know don't preach what he cannot spearhead. He will render selfless service with a renewed vigor that is needed to drive the development process that will stabilized our economy. Power is meant to serve people and not to fight them. As a united party, the APC is a governing party that will lead by example. The governing party will not preach what she don't practice. We will spearhead whatever we preach. As the world congratulate President Jonathan for allowing the system to scale through I want to remind president Jonathan that he has made his exit more glorious than his entry. He will not just be remembered as a President but a true elder statesman that made policy of transparent election without compromising it. For sure, future elections will be better because Nigerians now have the faith that their vote can change leadership and like economies, the president elect will add more value to our electoral process that will make the voter to remain the king while politicians will now be at the mercy of their PVC. Once this height is achieved, our nation will be back on the track set by our founding fathers the statement added.

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