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Femi Kuti’s Classified Information Leaked

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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What was meant to be kept as a secret by Chocolate City boss, Audu Maikori, about Femi Kuti's visit to Paris, has actually been revealed by Femi Kuti himself.

The record label boss had shared a picture of the singer with some friends and stated that the singer was up to something in Paris but would not divulge the information yet since it is a classified one.

In his words, “Femi is working on classified project in some secret underground lair somewhere in France! can't say more than that I said its classified. but I just decided to tell a few of my closest friends such as you and you.”

Little did Audu knew that the most kept secret has been revealed by the singer himself in response from a fan after he shared the picture of his father's friend, Roy Ayers, whom he met in Paris.

According to Femi, “I'm working on my next album, he had a gig, so we met to just say hello in a restaurant as he had to travel early next morning.”

Fela Kuti's friend, Roy Ayers