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Fayose blasts Obasanjo over coup plot rumours

By The Citizen
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Ekiti State Governor, Mr Ayo Fayose, has urged Nigerians to find out from former President Olusegun Obasan­jo, whether he is planning a coup or knows people plan­ning to execute one, based on his expressed fear that there could be a coup plot in the country.

Speaking in Ado-Ekiti yes­terday, through his Chief Press Secretary, Idowu Adelusi, the governor said Nigerians needed to ask Obasanjo what formed the basis of his recent utterances.

His words: 'At his age, one would expect that the former President should stop peddling rumours, as this may cause confusion in the polity.

'Being a former military leader and a retired General, whatever Obasanjo says will carry weight and some people will believe that. Or is it that General Obasanjo has some 'boys' touting the idea of a coup? May be he is the person planning one. But whatever the case is, coup making and plotting are no longer in vogue in the world. Anybody think­ing along such a line will be swimming against the tide and the consequences are there.

'After he said he has quit politics and publicly tore his Peoples Democratic Party membership card, peace has returned to the PDP. Obasanjo should wait till after the elec­tions when his candidate will be trounced and see how jubi­lant Nigerians will celebrate the victory for the continua­tion of democracy. After the impending victory of Presi­dent Jonathan, Obasanjo can leave the country or return to prison in protest. The former President should also do away with the primitive idea that anything or anybody not com­ing from him is not good.

'I advise the former Presi­dent not to be part of any act that could land him in trouble. He was imprisoned during the Abacha era and a word is enough for the wise.'

Governor Fayose added that being a beneficiary of the cur­rent democratic dispensation in the country, Chief Obasanjo should do everything humanly possible to defend democracy.' - The Sun.