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Delta 2015: Defected PDP Groups Endorse Emerhor For Governor

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Former PDP groups in Delta State, yesterday endorsed the candidate of the All Progressives candidate, Olorogun O'tega Emerhor for the 2015 general elections.

Speaking on behalf of all the groups, Comrade Ebah said they have all decided to endorse the APC candidate because they were tired of supporting the PDP stressing that for the past 16 years the ruling party has brought nothing but pains to the people.

Comrade Ebah stressed that it was high time youths in the State took their destinies into their hands and work with the progressive party that will bring the needed change desired by the people. He said Olorogun Emerhor has proven himself in the business world through his personal efforts and that he believed that has what it takes to rescue the State from the hands of PDP.

The groups numbering about twenty, promised the APC gubernatorial candidate that they will take the message of change to their wards and units in all the 25 local government areas of the State, vowing to mobilize the grassroots for Emerhor.

Responding the APC candidate expressed his appreciation for the endorsement saying that with the various political and pressure groups behind him, they will wrest power from the hands of PDP and rescue the State from the economic tsunami it finds itself through the misrule of the ruling part for the past 16 years.

Emerhor said his government is going to rescue the State from the present underdevelopment brought about by clueless leaders who have continued to squander the resources of the State to the detriment of the masses.

He noted that despite been one of the riches states in Nigeria, Delta State still lacks basic infrastructural development like schools, roads, hospitals, electricity and others. He urged youths in the State to take their destinies into their hands and stand their ground and defend their votes during the elections.

"We are talking about specific change. We want to make sure that we provide employment for the people. If there are jobs for our people the security situation in the State will be dangerous. This is why I want to set aside ten 10 billion naira employment funds for our women and our unemployment youth to support small call businesses. We have a lot of talented men and women who have skills but there is no money to encourage them. We want to attract business to the State. We will encourage businesses to come into the State and we want to make sure that each local government will have at least one major industry that will absolve our young graduates," Emerhor said. ,,

Speaking on the rift in the Urhobo Progress Union (UPU), Olorogun Emerhor re-emphasized that the Chief Omene Faction were the ones that have betrayed the Urhobos when they turned their backs on the Uwiamuge declaration and went ahead to pick Chief Great Ogboru of the Labour Party. He said both of them are working for the PDP and are trying to deceive the Urhobos to believe that they are working for their interest.

While advising the Urhobos not to be deceived by the likes of Chief Omene and Chief Ogboru, Emerhor said there was no way President Jonathan would leave his party candidate and support the candidate of another party, adding that if President Jonathan does that, he will be charged with anti-party activity. He also revealed that the real reason why President Jonathan visited Asaba was to clear his position on whether he is supporting the PDP candidate or the LP candidate, adding Jonathan affirmed his support for Okowa and not Ogboru.

On the issue of deployment of the military in 2015 general elections, Emerhor said APC will stand up to secure a free and fair elections, adding no amount of militarization would discourage them from ensuring that the elections are conducted in a peaceful atmosphere.

The APC gubernatorial assured the groups that they will make sure that they provide employment for it's citizens when they get to government house, Asaba, adding they will attract investors into the State who will bring more industries to the State and provide jobs for it's teeming unemployed youths.