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Charly Boy's 'Lies' Exposed

Source: Titilope Adeuja/
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Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa better known as Charly Boy is often called strange and weird for his many activities and replies to questions about life. He is so strange that many are already doubting if he is a true Nigerian to the core on spirituality and s3xuality though he is a father at that.

He has recently been 'playing' with skulls and in nudist photos in the prayer stance to a higher being yet to be identified. He has gone to identify with strange spiritual practices and images that are often disturbing to many audience.

He has come out to say that he actually plays major of his antics because he wants people to be in awe of him. He revealed that he was a shy person and he needed to express the 'lies' to cover his shyness.

He said, "As a teenager, I was a prankster. I liked to do a lot of gags on people, I liked to create perceptions, I liked people to be scary and wary of me. I was also a loner and I was a very, very shy person and the way I covered my shyness was to attract attention to my person and the way I attracted was to form all kinds of imageries which were not true."

So maybe all the Illuminati gimmicks are just stunts to be relevant in the media and eyes of the public after the 'death' of 'Zoom Time' and 'Charly Boy Show'?