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The Rant of a Yesterday Man

By Ejimonu Udenta
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There is eternal wisdom in the saying “never outshine your boss” as espoused by Fr. Baltasar Graciani and amplified in 48 Laws of Power, but that seems to have been lost on Chief Joe-Martins Uzodike otherwise referred to as Dikeudo, until recently the Special Adviser Political to Anambra State governor, Chief Willie Obiano. Unfortunately for Joe-Martins, when he found it difficult to outshine his boss, he chose to disparage him. When I read somewhere that he was sacked from his appointment, my immediate reaction was that it was long expected because from my estimate and knowledge of the man, he never added any value to the vibrant team assembled in the new Anambra state cabinet.

I don't have anything personal grudge against Joe-Martins, aka Buzuzu. A swash-buckler whose loud disposition earned recognition amongst his peers, Joe-martins pride himself as a man with good knowledge of the media. Hence he jumps at the headship of anything that has element of publicity. Of course, he had his days as spokesman for Rangers and ran an outfit which in those days is classified as Press Agentry. He was appointed Commissioner for Information by Governor Peter Obi and subsequently Director General Willie Obiano Campaign Organization in late 2013. Whether he acquitted himself creditably on that post is a story for another day.

However, the recent attempt by Joe-Martins Uzodike to discredit governor Obiano and APGA on radio platforms and to all who cared to listen should not come to anyone as a surprise. Here was a man designated to represent the governor's interest in the President's campaign working against the man, an act unbecoming of his position. Joe-Martins is a bitter man whose grouse with governor Obiano is because he dared to succeed. He never really gave him a chance even as a member of his Campaign team, why? He could not fathom the rising profile of a school mate from Christ the king College, and the reality of playing second fiddle.

It is on record that Joe-Martins presided over what is arguably the most ineffective Ministry of Information and Culture with moribund parastatals like the Anambra Broadcasting Service (ABS) and National Light which were then deliberately starved to die. Barely one year after, the story of the two information agencies are testimonials to the progressive match to a new Anambra.

I am aware that Joe-Martins tenure as DG of Obiano Campaign left a sour taste in the mouth of most people including the media who also lost out to the man's penchant for cornering the pecks to the detriment of the candidate and the party. In spite of the funding received, the man's media strategy began and ended with holding Press conferences and issuing statements. In fact, the outcry against Joe-Martin's inept stewardship as DG led to the appointment of another fellow to micro-manage the process in other to avoid impending calamity. Nonetheless, when the battle was eventually lost and won, the man expected much more than the post of Political Adviser and that left him embittered to the end.

Ejimonu Udenta writes from [email protected]

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