Abia: truly God's own State by Sam Hart

By Sam Hart

The founding fathers of Abia State either by divine intuition or by sheer force of their faith gave the state the epithet of God's Own State. By that singular action, the fathers of our state handed the future of the state into the limitless hands of God the Father to guide the destiny of the state. It goes without saying that whatever is committed into God's hands stands the test of time and is able to withstand all forms of storm that buffet it. Abia has been through storms but today, the state is standing on a stable platform and without a doubt, it is poised to witness a new paradigm of positive development and unified pulling in one direction.

God in his infinite wisdom used the incumbent Governor of Abia State, Chief T.A. Orji, CON to unify the state politically and align all major political tendencies under one literal and figurative umbrella – the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Today, Abia State is undeniably and indisputably a PDP State. In the 2011 General elections, the State recorded a feat only equalled by 2 other states in the entire federation to wit all the elected officials from Abia State were all members of one political party - the Peoples Democratic Party. Abia State gave the 3rd largest percentage vote tally to the election of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan as substantive President of Nigeria, Chief T.A. Orji was re-elected Governor of Abia State by a moonslide margin, all 3 Senators running under the Peoples Democratic Party won their election, same for all 8 House of Representative Members and all 24 Members of the Abia State House of Assembly. History was made in Abia State as such a feat had never before been achieved in the political history of the state. That feat was as a result of the unifying acumen of Chief T.A. Orji and he has maintained that quality till date.

Today, primaries for the candidates of the PDP into various elections have since held nationwide. All the states surrounding Abia State are in the vicious throes of intractable crisis arising from the outcome of the primaries with the PDP facing fears of implosion and loss at the elections in several states but in tune with our epithet of God's Own State, Abia PDP has come out of the primaries stronger, more united and stable than ever to face the coming elections.

The Governorship Primaries of Abia PDP was transparently conducted and all the aspirants were at the venue of the Primaries and witnessed the emergence of the eventual winner Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu. Nobody stormed out of the venue in protest, no group held Press Conferences denouncing the primaries, nobody rejected the outcome, no one alleged any foulplay and no one made representations to the PDP National Headquarters demanding a cancellation of the process. Everything was transparently done and those who lost knew that they lost fair and square. Worthy of note is the fact that all those who contested the Governorship Primaries of the PDP are still staunch members of the Party. Not one of them has defected to another political party. You do not need any further pointer than this to acknowledge the fact that the process was transparent and manifestly fair.

Today, the PDP in Abia State has published the list of all her candidates going into the elections. The various candidates are tested men and women who are popular in their various localities. The State PDP has equally inaugurated a formidable Campaign Council headed by Senator Emma Nwaka, the immediate past State Chairman of the Party and a man who knows how to win elections. Campaigns are on-going and the state is in a frenzy of expectation. A random sampling of the opinion of most Abians reveal clearly that Abia is and will remain a PDP State after the 2015 elections. A few individuals will traditionally make the requisite noise about their ambition and they are indeed making these noises but when it comes down to the wire, the people of Abia State will stick with the Peoples Democratic Party because it is the party that best guarantees them the actualization of their collective yearnings and aspirations.

It is noteworthy that the main national opposition All Progressives Congress (APC) has little or no presence in Abia State unlike other neighbouring states where it is the party in power and where not, has formidable politicians in its midst. The party that would have been ascribed a semblance of strength in the state, the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) is caught in a web of crisis arising from factionalisation such that it currently parades two sets of candidates for most positions it is presenting candidates for in the state. This is aside from the fact that the governorship candidates of the two factions of the party are not in any position to present any challenge to the dominance of the Peoples Democratic Party. Other parties get a mere mention here because they are barely managing to thread water not to talk of presenting any stiff challenge.

After all said and done. PDP has Abia on lockdown at all levels. By the time the results of the 2015 are announced in Abia State, it will be thirty seven over thirty seven as Abians will vote President Goodluck Jonathan, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu for Governor, the 3 Senators contesting under the platform of the PDP, the 8 House of Representatives candidates of the PDP and the 24 House of Assembly Candidates presented by the PDP.

And so shall it be.
Sam Hart

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