Open Letter To Mr. President, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan On The Address To The Nation On 1st January 2015: You Lack The Gut To Fight Terrorism

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His Excellency,
Dr. Goodluck Jonathan,
President Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Your Excellency,

My dear President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Federal Republic of Nigeria, Happy New Year. It is pleasant that we have crossed over to the New Year. It is worthy of thanks to God Almighty. You addressed and greeted the Nation on 1st January, 2015 and hankered on terrorism, giving stern warning that anybody found sponsoring terrorism would be dealt with forthwith with dispatch. The address to me is one of those-your addresses to the Nation. It appears to me you do not have the gut to really fight terrorism. I shall tell you my reasons shortly.

Once again, congratulations for crossing over, leading Nigerians to 2015. Cross over anywhere starting from the time of Israelites in Egypt crossing over Canaan, has three vividly clear segments:

- Crossover
- Take over
- No carry over

It is one thing to crossover, quite another Mr. President to take over. Taking over itself entails negating any tendency to carry over negativities and abstractions of the previous domain which was Egypt in the time of Israelites, but 2014 in this New Year of 2015.

Mr. President, 2014 was completely a bloody year for Nigeria. Many people lost their lives, not only because of accidents occasioned by reckless driving or bad roads amongst others, but painfully and chiefly because bokoharam as a terrorist group has, 100%, islamic backing and quranic (koranic) bulwarking. One would have expected you to act like house on fire to quench this terrific and islamic hierarchical dart. But that was not to be. You have all along approached bokoharam with kid-gloves and they have all the more incubated to unimaginable proportion.

Mr. President, giving stern warning to the air or even to the lawless fellow is beating the air. If somebody has brought himself out to be classified as a terrorist, then that person is completely lawless and so, does not and cannot respond to mere warning, but to articulate action. In this regard Mr. President it appears to me you donot have the gut, the fibre, the build, the determination and the zeal to truly fight and subjugate terrorism.

Why do I say so, Sir? Because of the following points:

(1) You, 100%, know the source of terrorism but pretend you do not know.

(2) You, 100%, know the sponsors of bokoharam in Nigeria but pretend you donot know.

(3) You, 100%, know the various types and manifestations of islamic terrorism, but you pretend you donot know.

Let us take them one after another.

Mr. President, you, 100%, know that the source of terrorism is islam, no more no less. You know that islam is a religion of terror and no peace as sultan peddles. You know that there is no place in this world islam agrees to be law-abiding if they are in sizeable majority. You know that Koran itself contains two sections:

(a) Tolerance period between 610 and 623 AD. In this period, “prophet” Mohamed was appealing to the Jews, Christians and Meccas to accept him as a messenger of allah. But seeing his type of life, they completely trivialized such statements and trifled his preaching. They never accepted him to be prophet of GOD. Having exhausted all entreaties to convince them to no avail quoting Koran 2:256 “There is no compulsion in religion”, he resorted to terrific violence and instituted sharia through jihad.

(b) jihad and ERA of Abrogation. In this period which is the period we are in now, starting from 1st January 624 AD in Medina, Mohamed instituted jihad and completely ABROGATED, that is, cancelled his earlier peaceful stance on “there is no compulsion in religion” when he was yet appealing for acceptance to the Jews, Christians and Meccans.

Mohamed turned to be tiger, lion, leopard, chita, bull, matador and wild cat. He not only turned to be murderous, he became sucker of blood and cannibalistic on non believers in islam he called akafir or infidels. islam in Arabic means “surrender”. Anything islam does is tailored towards making you surrender to the authority of allah. Mohamed instituted jihad on 1st January 624 AD, shortly before he started embarking on bloody battles.

Mr. President, Mohamed gave in that address, in that fateful day of jihad birth, right there at Medina (present day) Kuwait, the following injuctions as I quote them verbatim from Koran (quotan):

1) Surrah 2:191 = “And kill them (nonbelievers in islam) wherever you find them and turn them out wherever they have turned you out”.

2) Surrah al – Taubah 9:29 = “fight against those who believe not in allah, nor in the last day, nor forbid that which has been forbidden by allah?

Mr. President, my dear President, do you heed a soothsayer to interpret a clear English statement as simple as those quoted verses? Mr. President, Mohamed further said in:

3) Surrah 47:4 = “So, when you meet (in fight – jihad in allah's cause) those who disbelieve, smite (their) necks till you have killed and wounded many of them…”

Mr. President, do you hear somebody who claims to be a prophet of GOD? Can you be more catholic than Pope? This commission to kill, was explicitly and expressly given to muslims by no other than their own prophet Mohamed himself.

Then Mr. President, what is terrorism? Was Mohamed not then the founder of terrorism? Mr. President stop pretending that you do not know. islam is terrorism and terrorism is islam. Do you hear Mohamed instruct muslims jihadists to cut off the neck of those who do not believe in islam? What is bokoharam doing differently? What is ISIS doing differently? What is al-shabab doing differently? Tell me Sir!!!

Mohamed want further to instruct muslims to:
4) Surrah 2:216 = “holy fighting (jihad) is ordained (prescribed) for all muslims, whether they like it or not, as far as it is good and approved by allah through his prophet Mohamed”

Do you hear Mr. President what Mohamed said that EVERY MUSLIM must fight jihad and kill for allah whether they like it or not? The issue is, as a muslim, you MUST fight jihad to kill unbelievers (non muslims) whether you as a muslim likes to kill or not. Killing for allah is, 100%, a compulsion in islam, according to this verse. Mohamed further instructed muslims to kill and cut off the necks and fingers of arunas or akafirs or infidels who are non-believers in islam. READ:

5) Surrah al-baqarah 8:12 = “(Remember) when your lord revealed to the angels, verily I am with you, so keep firm those who have believed. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who have disbelieved, so strike them over their necks, and smite over all their fingers and toes”.

Mr. President do you hear Mohamed command his followers (muslims) to cut off the necks, the fingers and the toes of non muslims? So, Mr. President, then I ask you: Are bokoharam not the muslims that are truelly practicing islam? Anybody who calls himself a muslim but does not go to fight jihad is to be killed as Mohamed commanded. Killing for allah is compulsory for all muslims. Have you not heard me quote it verbatim now?

Mr. President, islam remains perfectly a lawless religion. Mohamed remains the initiator of terrorism in the world and the very first terrorist ever known.

Mr. President, again, you know the sponsors of bokoharam in Nigeria. Or, don't you know? The first thing is to let you know what Mohamed commandeered as sponsorship of terrorism (bokoharam). Mohamed commanded muslims in high positions of authority, to use their offices to sponsor bokoharam. Surrah al-baquarah 2:195 = “wealthy muslims in high positions of authority are to use their wealth and any position they find themselves in, to promote islam and the course of jihad of all kinds or else, they will face destruction from allah”.

Do you hear that Mr. President? As a muslim, as The President, you are to sponsor bokoharam. As a muslim, as Head the State, you are to sponsor bokoharam. As a muslim, as a Presidential candidate, you are to sponsor bokoharam. As a muslim, as a Governor, you are to sponsor bokoharam. As a muslim, as a Vice Chancellor, you are to sponsor bokoharam. As a muslim, as a Central Bank Governor,you are to sponsor bokoharam. As a muslim, as a Rector, you are to sponsor bokoharam. As a muslim, as an industrialist, you are to sponsor bokoharam. As a muslim, as Local Government Chairman you are to sponsor bokoharam. And as a muslim, as a Students Union Government (SUG) President, you are to sponsor bokoharam.

Mr. President, do I need to tell you now that all past Heads of State in Nigeria that are muslims, as well as all Governors present and past, as muslims, are sponsors of bokoharam. Mr. President, your Vice as a muslim, right there in Aso Rock with you, is a potential sponsor of bokoharam.

It is not a big deal that a muslim sponsors bokoharam. Mr. President, it is not a big deal a tall. You are the one that has not understood the mechanism or call it workability of islam as a religion and islamism or terrorism which is, 100%, the same as jihad as founded by Mohamed himself. As water must necessarily locate its base, so must a true muslim locate jihad and sponsor it as directed by “prophet” Mohamed himself.

Why did Sanusi Lamido Sanusi CBN Governor insist on establishing islamic banking? Answer me Mr. President? Again, why did Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida (IBB) insist on taking Nigeria to OIC? Answer me Mr. President?

Mr. President, your mistake is the same mistake every Christian makes and that is misunderstanding islam and mistaking it to be like Christianity founded purely on freedom of conscience. That is your mistake. islam is a cage of conscience, Mr. President. islam has nothing to do with freedom. Mr. President. islam is a force that cages the mind, and as a force, only SUPERIOR FORCE can overpower it, overcome it and win it over.


Mr. President, why I said you are not serious in the fight against bokoharam is that you know full well that terrorism or islamism anywhere in the world exists only and only for one thing and that is, to realize full islamic state ruled by sharia. islam makes no distinction between culture politics, social life and religious life. Everything a muslim does is guided only and only by jihad that establishes sharia, nothing more, nothing less.

In May 29, 1999, before handing over to the civilians, the then Head of State, General Abdulsalam Abubakar, as a committed muslim, called other former muslim Heads of State:

- General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd)
- General Ibrahim Babingda (rtd) and in the presence of sultan of Sokoto, etsu Nupe Dr. Yahaya Abubakar, Secretary Supreme Council of islamic Affairs, emir of Kano, shehu of Bornu, emir of Fika and emir of Kwandu, scripted sharia and embossed it into the Nigerian Constitution.

Time bomb it was, bokoharam is smearing and boiling to establish full islamic state of sharia-ruled Nigeria. To prove to you that all muslims approve bokoharam, in the National Conference you summoned, did they not in unison say that sharia will continue? Who sponsors bokoharam in Nigeria? Until you become serious in removing sharia from Nigeria's Constitution and arresting people that put it (sharia) in 1999 as listed above, we then thank GOD.

Whoever put sharia in the Constitution is the chief sponsor of bokoharam. Obasanjo would have nipped it in the bud and followed the humble advice of the late Gani Fawehonri (himself a muslim), but OBJ would none of that. Today bokoharam has incubated.

Terrorism or islamism or jihad comes in various ways. It could be by forceful marriage, constitution review or outright fighting.

Mr. President, the well publicized case of Miss Charity Uzochina should tell you what I am talking about. I am Comrade Kindness Innocent Jonah, a Missionary of Jesus to islamic lands as well as a human rights activist using this Forum to foster the message of Jesus Gospel.

I wrote you severally on Charity Uzochina. The Charade, the bewitching, the marabout, the charm, the unkindness played themselves out of Bida sharia court and Bida “High” Court to keep Charity Uzoechina until today, in the cage of satan.

All over Northern Nigeria and islamic lands worldwide, forced marriage is the game when it comes to Christian ladies. If a muslim man or male likes to have a Christian lady, the next line of action is kidnap. It is a daily occurrence in Northern Nigeria and all islamic lands. Mr. President you could not see beyond your immediate environment in Charity Uzoechina's case, to overlook all odds, and come all out to ignore all her manipulated confessions to “love” the muslim and release this helpless lady from the cage of islam in the forced marriage. All that Charity Uzoechina confessed before the sharia court called High Court of Minna that her parents would kill her if she returned home, that she had converted to islam, that she wanted to marry a muslim etc., were all concocted from bottomless pit as she was charmed by islamic charmers called marabouts right there in the “High” Court Minna. All you could have done was to bring Charity Uzoechina to Aso Rock and keep her with the First Lady, for at least two weeks, to Judge and Compare her statement before and after. That would have shown you clearly what islam is. But you went ahead being annoyed over Charity Uzoechina, over her purported statement which were truly mere manipulations from islamic magicians. Rather than release Charity Uzoechina unconditionally and return to her parents, you were rather annoyed against her for saying what was not really from her heart, and so, satan appeared to have won. But satan cannot win: You Mr. President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan must get Charity Uzoechina out and returned her unconditionally to her parents this 2015 as you understand, and as your eyes open as to what islam truly is. You have been living in delusion of what truly is islam. islam is lawlessness as founded by extremely lawless Mohamed called prophet of islam, not prophet of God.

Mr. President, you have not understood how islam works. They charmed Charity Uzoechina to say she would remain in islam; that her parents would kill her; that she wants to marry a muslim; that she had converted to islam,…

Mr. President, islam is a force and only a superior force can overcome it. It appears to me that you do not comprehend the operational tactics of islam. islam is complete lawlessness coded in sharia propagated by jihad called terrorism of which bokoharam is part and parcel of.

jihad in islam is a must, a force, the yardstick to measure who is and who is not a follower of Mohamed. bokoharam is doing what Mohamed did.

May God bless you as you remain focused to fighting terrorism the way it should be by first understanding how islam works. We have written a Book titled: “BOKOHARAM AS THE HEARTBIT OF MOHAMED AND VIBRANCY OF ISLAM”. Ask for this Book and buy it. We have written another Book which we freely give to all Nigerians titled: BOKOHARAM-TERRORISM. Send your e-mail to 080-3666-2901 and we will forward to you this Book, free of charge, so that you read it to understand islam and terrorism and how to tackle it. It is an eye opener. We are giving this Book to all Nigerians freely and you a Nigerian. Get it.

Yours in the service of humanity,

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