You Don't Need Holy Ghost Fire to Stop Smoking...... Next Movie Star Boss, Shola Fajobi

Source: Linda Ogudo/

Smokers are liable to die young warms by government as the creator of Next Movie Star Shola Fajobi who has been doing his new year resolution on smoking and cant seems to stop.

Smoking we know are dangerous to health and also affects men's sperm, which can reduce fertility and also increases birth defects and miscarriage in women and also one of the dangers in smoking is that it can temporarily cause high blood pressure and increases the risk of coronary heart disease.

The CEO of Digital interactive Media who spoke with on his new year resolution on smoking for the past 10 years and not been able to stop said, it about ones willpower not necessarily needs olive oil, holy ghost fire to stop,and that there are things people are addicted to and they don't necessarily like and don't want to pass to on.

However he further said he don't smoke india herm because his brain is too light for it.

he said smoking is better not to do as a new year resolution.