MEND rejects Jonathan, endorses Buhari for presidency

By The Citizen

The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) has endorsed the candidature of the presidential candidate for the All Progressives Congress (APC), Maj.Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, saying he is the right person that can rebuild the country.

MEND made this known in a statement on Tuesday via an electronic mail signed by its spokesperson, Gbomo Jomo.

The militia group said the decision to support Buhari stemmed from the pathetic state in which the country had been put by the Goodluck Jonathan administration.

MEND said, 'Our strong belief is that Muhammadu Buhari is the man and the change the country needs. President Goodluck Jonathan does not deserve a second more in the Presidency as soon as his tenure expires as he has continuously and blatantly disregarded the very people who voted him into office.

'A President that told Nigerians to their face that he does not 'give a damn' when asked to declare his assets should not be supported.

'President Jonathan, since assuming office, has set up countless number of 'committees' none of which their reports had ever been implemented. Examples are the Nuhu Ribadu report to the KPMG and Fuel Subsidy reports, just to mention a few.

'How can Nigerians expect a person like Jonathan to fight corruption when he believes that 'stealing is not corruption', as he told the nation? He has proved beyond all reasonable doubts, his inability to tackle corruption or prosecute a single government official in his years in office.'

The group said it found laughable the recent statement credited to Jonathan on his government's plan to fight corruption.

It said the statement not only smacked of ignorance of the highest order, but also showed just how stupid he thought Nigerians were.

MEND added, 'A President that had six years to tackle the problem but chose to shield corrupt government officials, joined in the looting of our resources and now has the temerity to say his government 'has a plan' to fight corruption. This is a big slap in the face of every single Nigerian.'

'We restate our disregard and lack of confidence in President Goodluck Jonathan.' - Punch.