Cynthia Morgan Threatens To Beat Queen Ure

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Fiancé to Nollywood actor, Ik Ogbonna, Sonia Lareinaa, has finally made her first request from her lover, IK.

The model and business executive, replied her lover that base on the question he asked on which pet she wanted to have, she eventually settled for a cat.

Sonia and IK have really proven to love each other as they keep checking out on each other and disturbs their social media page with various love messages.

Some days back, the actor boo, attested that his loving girl friend, had stood by him during the tough times he went through and also been a source of inspiration.

According to him, “She stood by me through some really tough huddles. She taught me a lot and still does.She prays for me .. She motivates me ... She believes in me ... She makes me smile even when I have no reason to smile. Oo lawd the ass sha .. My pillow after a long ass day .. Thanx for always being my mosquito Happy new year ma soldier aunt.”