The cold reaction of other African countries to Nigerian crisis,


by Osita Chiagorom
This article was my reaction to an article I read on the Punch newspaper

of Sunday November 23rd , where a certain Dr Osahon Enabulele who is the

vice president of the West African branch of the Commonwealth Medical

association was calling on Nigeria and others to lend physical medical

assistance to Liberia in their fight against Ebola virus.

It has become a tradition over the years for an average African country

that has one crisis or the other to call on Nigeria for assistance due to

Nigeria”s sincere exhibition of African brotherhood.

Despite this ,how many African countries has ever reciprocated this

immence love?
How many has assisted Nigeria in times of crisis ?
The issue of South Africa is a very pathetic one.
This is a country that was in slavery and in which every Nigerian paid

dues to liberate from the hands of apartheid.
School children in Nigeria were even levied to raise funds to assist in

the war against apartheid.
Our musicians sang until their voices became hoarse.

That's why Nelson Mandela after his release immediately toured all parts

of Nigeria to thank them for their dogged fight against apartheid but

after that what happened ?
Today, it is difficult to see an average South African who does not hate

Nigeria and other fellow African countries who also played roles to kick

apartheid out from South Africa.
The treatment of Africans, expecially Nigerians in South Africa is very

very pathetic.
Their police has fabricated all types of lies to justify their actions.

This is a land that does not want to accept blames for their shortcomings

but prefers to display their aggression on foreigners.

If they are making the world believe that South Africans are not drug

pushers, then why is the illicit trade and violence flourishing in their

It is on record that South Africa has a rising profile of crime and all

the high profile murders and homicide cases were committed by their fellow

South Africans.
Was it foreigners that killed Lucky Dube a renowned world acclaimed

musician ?
What of a celebrity ,Mr. Oscar Pistorius who shot and killed his

girlfriend under a very mysterious circumstances and recently, a few weeks

ago,their national football team goalkeeper and captain was shot and

For South Africa to continue to be aggresive to their fellow Africans

shows that their fathers did not properly inform them of their history

which is very,very unfortunate.
It shows that most of their youths today are acting out of grave ignorance.

An Igbo proverb says that ” a rich man should be careful when helping a

poor man so that he(poor man) will not rise to kill him( rich man) to

acquire his riches.
This is becoming the story between Nigeria and South Africans.

And come to think of it ?
As a Christian am not against Nigeria lending help to other countries

because afterall as travellers we found ourselves in a situation where

non-Nigerians helped us .
My lamentation is all about the cold attitude exhibited by fellow African

countries towards Nigeria in times of crisis.
What is their response to the Ebola epidemic in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra

Leone and what was their reaction when Nigeria was put in grave dilenma by

Ebola ?
Thank God that we over came that situation within a very short period.

Is Nigeria created in Africa to help and not receive help?

Recently,Nigerians shed their blood to bring peace in Liberia and Sierra

Leone but how are they treated in those countries?
I have travelled to many West African countries and it worries me how

Nigerians are singled out for extortion,believing that every Nigeria goes

around with millions of cash in their pocket.
It is no more a hidden fact.
And what is the reaction of the Nigerian government? No response!

Since this Boko Haram issue, how many African countries has offered to help?

Despite this, Nigeria has gone to Mali as a part of the UN force to halt

the insurgency in the northern part of that country.

Nigerian peacemakers recently came back because the situation at home had

become serious.
The most annoying was a few weeks ago when Boko Haram took Mubi, the

second biggest town in Adamawa State and the next day, our president

instead of concentrating on our security challenges, shocked the whole

nation and zoomed off to be a part of the peace process that eventually

brought the transition government in Burkina Faso.
Nigerian soldiers were also in Sudan and lost men. I know of a young

Lieutenant who graduated from the NDA officers short term course in 2009

but died in action in Sudan in 2011.
We can't recount how many men we lost to bring peace in Chad in the 1980′s

but what are we reaping from Chad today ?
Economically, Chad has relied on the Nigerian economy to stabilize over

the years, but what has Nigeria gotten in return?
Although, I blame our authorities for the mismanagement that led to the

arms scandal in South Africa, the host country did not really exhibit the

true spirit of African brotherhood.
And nearer home,what is the level of Chad's involvement in the Boko Haram

with regards to recent exposures by the Camerounian investigative

Is Chad really sincere?
Bisong Etahoben, a Camerounian journalist recently revealed that a close

political associate of Chadian president, Mahamat Bichara Gnoti was caught

at the Chadian- Sudanese border with 19 pieces of SAM2 missiles purchased

for the Boko Haram from the Sudanese Army.
It was also alleged that the suspect who was caught with Chadian

president's presidential Pass permit, confessed that the funds for the

procurement was released to him by Chadian president, Idris Derby.

Now, many questions are begging for answers.
Why is Boko Haram only causing havoc in Nigeria and Cameroun but no iota

of operation in Chad?
Why did the recent peace deal brokered by the Chadian government end up as

a fraudulent exercise?
Are those we helped turning around to stab us at the back with intent to

destroy us ?
One day, the truth shall eventually come to pass.
Osita Chiagorom
[email protected]
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