Presidential Elections of 2015: Ten reasons why you should vote for me, Prince Abitunde Taiwo, and not for Propaganda, not for General Buhari,and not for current president, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan

By Abitunde Taiwo

My fellow Nigerians,

We have had military generals for about 40 years and politicians for about 15 years for a total of 55 years since independence, but the generals, including General Buhari, and the politicians, including incumbent President Jonathan, have performed below par. See the link below on the sub-par performance of generals and politicians. Facts do not lie. The facts show that the generals, including General Buhari, are more culpable than the politicians in retarding the economic growth in Nigeria.

It is time for a positive change that moves the nation forward, and not backwards to the leadership of a military general. It is time for a change that does not reject the lessons of history.

It is time for a change that we can pay for with a shared effort and a shared sacrifice of taxation, and not with propaganda or with the continuation of an immoral and unjust exploitation of minorities in the Southsouth.

It is time for a people-centered independent president working with a team for the people and with the people to do what the generals and the politicians have been unable to do for 55 years. It is time for a change, but not a reward for propaganda.

It is ridiculous that one of the two major political parties, APC, is trying to use persistent propaganda to persuade Nigerians to go backwards by voting for General Buhari as the president in 2015. Nigerians have moved on, and away from military dictatorship. Forward ever, backward never!

You should vote for me, Prince Abitunde Taiwo, an independent candidate for the presidency in 2015 elections, and not for General Buhari or the incumbent president, President Jonathan for the following 10 reasons:

1. I will serve you, as a leader and a member of a team of highly motivated people with consciousness of socio-economic justice, not dominate or exploit you, and we will implement progressive policies that will include full employment in Nigeria.

2. We will build a comprehensive multi-modal transport network, roads, waterways, and railways nationwide.

3. We will build diverse power generating plants, hydro, gas, solar, coal, and biomass to provide a 24/7 and year-round power supply to homes and industries nationwide.

4. We will implement a security strategy that includes the placement of well-trained police personnel in rural and urban areas of the nation. Police officers will be posted or drawn from the communities in which they live and receive good compensation within the civil service range and will be supported by sophisticated communications, command, and control centers. We will upgrade the equipment, training, status, housing, support, and compensation of the men and women of our armed forces. We will employ and deploy unmanned drones to control our borders and to monitor and locate insurgents and their hideouts.

5. We will provide free tuition and free food at upgraded primary and secondary schools and pay teachers at a comparable basis to civil servants. Free tuition will be made available at the tertiary or university level, and the infrastructures in these institutions will be upgraded to world-class standards. Work-study will be made available to all students at the tertiary level to enable them earn money for their feeding and lodging.

6. We will expand our export capacity by building new ports, both inland and coastal, increase the capital base of import-export bank, the bank of industry, and increase the funding for business fairs and expos.

7. We will expand and promote the hospitality industry and tourism. Tourist attractions will be upgraded and new attractions identified and promoted.

8. We will clean up the environment, build waste treatment plants, water treatment plants, and address the desertification and erosion problems in the country. We will upgrade our parks, forest reserves, and game parks, including Lake Chad to international standards.

9. We will expand on the current health care insurance scheme and upgrade our hospitals and health centers to world-class standards.

10. We will bring development to Nigeria because we know what development looks like and have a passion to do so in all parts of Nigeria, in the North and South. As someone who was born in the North by parents from the South, I am embarrassed by the low level of development in Nigeria and the huge disparity between the North and South. We will address those issues.

We will fund all our programs entirely from taxation and not from the proceeds from the sale of oil and gas. Taxation will provide ten times more revenue to the federal government than oil and gas. PDP and APC are still stuck on oil and gas for revenue needed to fund the federal government. if either General Buhari or incumbent President Jonathan win the presidency in 2015, the dependence on oil and gas to fund the federal government will ensure that the current unjust and immoral exploitation of the minorities in the Southsouth continues.

If I win the presidency, I will end the exploitation of the people of the oil producing states, and leave the oil revenues to them to spend as they choose. However, I will have more than enough money in the huge budget to pay salaries, pensions, gratuities, and for other priorities that I have indicated in my agenda in one of the links below.

The details of my agenda have been published and can be read in one of the links below.

As Nigerians in the Diaspora pay up to 40% of their income on a myriad of taxes in their host countries, under my leadership, the federal government will enter into bilateral agreements with governments in which Nigerians in Diaspora live to reduce their exposure to double taxation.

Under my leadership, the federal government will also explore with foreign governments the possibility of an annual swap of a fraction of the approximately $100 billion US dollars that Diaspora Nigerians pay as taxes to these governments for the taxes that citizens and corporations of these nations pay in Nigeria.

Overall, I expect to raise a tax-based revenue of up to $200 billion US dollars to fund the budget if I am elected as your president which is almost as much as 10 times the budget for 2015 already submitted by the current president. I am not aware of any budget projection from the APC, or from its presidential candidate, General Buhari.

I urge you my fellow Nigerians not to be swayed by the deluge of propaganda by APC on behalf of General Buhari or by PDP on behalf of the incumbent president. Please do not vote for either General Buhari or the incumbent president because of the pervasive and persistent propaganda of their party operatives.

You should find out how are the campaigns of General Buhari and President Jonathan are being funded. If the enormous money being spent was made available for use to maintain the infrastructures in the APC and PDP controlled states, or invested in the private sector of the economy, it will have made a difference in the lives of the people.

Please vote for me because of my policies and programs for the progress and prosperity of our people and for social justice for our exploited brothers and sisters in the oil producing states.

Thank you very much. May God bless Nigeria and us Nigerians.


Prince Abitunde Taiwo

Independent Presidential candidate for the 2015 elections

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