Debie Rise Releases WINNER

By Bigsam Media
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Nigerian Idol Star, Debie Rise, who impressed and thrilled audience of the popular music reality show, 'Nigerian Idol' has released her single 'Winner' after signing a recording contract with '800 Records.'

'Winner' flamboyantly displays Debie's energy, passion, love and enthusiasm for music as a winner indeed and not a loser. Debie Rise who had stunned with 'Gagabu' and 'MatchUp' is gradually catching attention, earning respect of critics and getting a lot of gigs across the nation. Of particular mentions are her performances at the Pepsi Gala Night and several private 'End of the year' parties.

Debie Rise, a Computer Science graduate came into limelight after emerging the first runner-up in the third edition of Nigerian Idol. She recently signed with '800 Records,' which has, within a very short time span, become a wind under her wing to soar since her re-emergence after Nigerian Idol.

Puffy Tee, the producer of street anthem 'Yahoozee' believes Debie Rise would give the established female acts a run for their talents considering the short time within which she released 'Gagabu', 'Match-up', Laliga' and now 'Winner'. “People believe Nigerian female acts are not as talented as their males, 'Debie Rise will debunk that popular opinion because her talent and energy are infectious. This lady is truly talented. I say Nigerian female musicians should watch out for this new talent” he pointed.

Despite the Nigerian music industry being flooded with male acts, Debie Rise is an attention catcher. What a man can do, a woman can do -even better. Her music is unique and her style is different. She is a combination of fierce and sexy.