General Overseer in police net for selling unborn baby

By The Citizen

The female General Over­seer of a church, Prophet­ess Kanu and members of her syndicate are now in police net for attempting to buy a baby yet to be born.

Operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) of the Anambra State Police Com­mand apprehended Kanu and her accomplices.

Anambra State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Hassan Karma alleged that the prophetess had for long deceived people through the use of charms, while pretending to counsel individuals beset by problems.

Her world of deceit began to unravel when 22-year-old old Happiness John, whose pregnan­cy had reached nine months was deceitfully taken by her friend, Chioma Okonkwo, to the proph­etess on September 30, 2014 for counseling.

The fake prophetess told John that she had a spiritual problem. Recalling that visit, she said: 'Chioma Okonkwo and myself were friends and neighbours. Chioma took me to Prophetess Kanu for counseling and it was there that she told me that I was under spiritual attack. She prayed for me and later rubbed an egg on my body with palm oil, saying that it was a protection against enemy attack.'

Prophetess Grace was further alleged to have informed the victim that her younger brother (the prophetess') would assist John, since no man had owned up to be responsible for the preg­nancy. Based on what seemed like a good intent, the prophetess took the victim to her village at Ngboro in Abia State, where she spent weeks in the village believing that she would deliver the baby there.

Meanwhile, the suspect sent her brother, Kanu to check on the vic­tim and promise marriage to her, despite the nine-month pregnan­cy. As part of the elaborate plan to deceive the victim, Kanu bought clothes for her and also gave her N5000.

With the stage set, the prophet­ess took John to meet a nurse and member of her child-trafficking syndicate, Ifeoma Obiora, who took medical care of John. The victim's phone was taken away so that she would not be able to communicate with her relations.

As Sunday Sun gathered from the police boss, the nurse always locked up John in the house whenever she had to go out.

But providence stepped in and the scale fell from the eyes of the victim, when the prophetess mentioned that if she delievered a baby boy, she would be paid N180,000. That was when she re­alized what was the real intention of the prophetess. By then, John had been taken for an ultrasound scan at New Hope Hospital Onitsha.

According to Karma, an argument ensued at the hospital and the victim demanded for her phone while the Prophetess seized her bag and alleged she must pay a debt of N65,000 allegedly owed by her being the cost of caring for her.

As this turn of events, the vic­tim quickly called her father, Mr Ugbanu John on November 28, 2014, who promptly reported the case at the SARS office.

Acting with dispatch, Kar­ma ordered the Commander of SARS, Mr. James Nwafor to take up the matter. This led to the arrest of the three suspects, namely, Chioma Okonkwo, Prophetess Grace Kanu and Ifeoma Obiora,on November 30, 2014 at Ugudegbe street, Owerri, Imo State, Akokwa Awada Obosi and No 24 Nwaziki street, Awada Obosi, both in Anambra State. Commenting on the incident, the father of the victim said: 'My daughter left my house on September 30, 2014 and I saw her when she was leaving around 5.00am. She said she was follow­ing somebody to their church. It was Chioma who took her to their prophetess, Grace Kanu.

We didn't see her. I thought she had run to meet her boyfriend, who impregnated her . It was on November 28, 2014 that she called me that we should come and rescue her. She told me that it was what the prophetess said when she wanted to deliver that led to the crisis. That prompted me to report the case at SARS office.' Karma said that the three suspects would soon be charged to court. The Sun