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Introduction to kidney transplant
Affordable price kidney transplant surgery in India at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore is a sure and efficient way to get recovery from kidney failure or end-stage renal disease (ESRD). There are many merits of kidney transplant. After transplant of kidneys most people find they have increased energy and stamina. Patients can resume back to a more normal lifestyle, and those who were depending on dialysis procedure can enjoy their newly found freedom.

How is a surplus kidney arranged?
The transplantation of kidney is done from two different sources –non living donors and living donors. Living donors are usually life partners and members of the patient's family. Cadaver kidneys are obtained from dead persons who have willed their kidneys to be donated to the needy patients before their death.

How is the right kidney arranged for the patient?
The right kidney is arranged for the patient by matching the blood group of the donor with the needy patient. If their blood groups match with each other then it is considered that the kidney transplant will be a successful one.

Procedure of kidney transplant
The procedure of kidney transplant involves placement of a health kidney that can perform the required metabolic functions in a healthy way that a diseased kidney cannot. In most cases the diseased kidneys do not perform metabolic functions and remain undisturbed in the back area. The new kidney is placed in the pelvic region of the stomach and is connected to the blood vessels of the body. Kidney transplantation involves placement of a healthy kidney into the body where it can carry all the essential functions that a defective kidney cannot. The new kidney is placed on the left side or lower right of the abdomen where it is surgically made connected to the blood vessels of the human body.

What are the merits of kidney transplantation?
A successful kidney transplantation surgery offers you with enhanced stamina, strength and energy. After undergoing the surgical procedure you can easily return to a more normal lifestyle and have much control over your daily mode of living. You can eat normal food diet and drink normal fluids like tea, milk etc.

What is laparoscopic nephrectomy?
During last recent years there has been an ever-increasing demand for live kidney donors. Until recently, donation of kidney from a living donor could be done through a surgical procedure called laparoscopic nephrectomy that involves removal of diseased kidneys. This procedure needs cutting of abdominal incision, removal of one rib and a relative longer stay at the hospital.

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