I Was Snubbed By a Superstar DJ…..Weird MC

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nigeriafilms.com

'Ijoya' crooner, WeirdMC, has been pushed to have a rethink on her ways of helping people who ends up not knowing how to appreciate their benefactor.

The singer regretted that after putting herself out for other people to achieve their life goals, they end up snubbing her when she comes across them and as such, she has decided to put to an end her generous way of life.

In her words, “#my thoughts today I've just realised that I put myself out for people but when it's my turn I'm always on my own. I've decided to do something about it, no more, enough is enough this pattern must stop.”

“I ran into a dj I helped in the past in traffic yesterday not even a single hello den don turn superstar these are the type of people who make you regret helping others. I'm starting to realise people only linger around you when they have something to gain the you use u dump u n move on they don't look back. Is it a crime to help people, Someone please answer?” she questioned.