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My sincere apologies to you my ardent readers and fans, so sorry I wasn't able to write for two weeks, due to some circumstances beyond my control. But not to worry, your darling Rita is fully back to always fill you guys up with all the necessary exciting information on relationships, sex, love and life.

Like I promised the last time to share some questions and worries of some troubled fans, today I am keeping to that promise.

Here are some heart-to-heart questions that were sent to my mail, via text messages and my responses.

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He needs sex to survive, should I give him?

Dear Rita,
I'm 21-years old. I have been in a relationship for 2-years plus. When we started, I told my boyfriend that we should not get sex involved in our relationship and he agreed. But recently he has been having some stomach pains often and on. His doctor told him that only sex can stop his stomach pains. Please what can I do? I don't want to lose him because I love him very much.
Precious, Lagos.

My Response:
Dear Precious,
I really commend your chastity by insisting on not giving in to his sexual advances. I'm not a Doctor, but I haven't heard of men suffering from stomach pains because of lack of sex. If so, how about the priests and monks? Please, make sure you are very ready before giving in to his sexual demands. Don't let his excuse make you do something you'd regret for life. Be cautious!

Can we marry each other?

Dear Rita,
I am 27-years old. I'm in love with a lady. She tells me everything about herself but my problem is that our genotypes do not match. She is AS and I am also AS. I have not told her about mine and she has been asking me about it. Please I am afraid of telling her because I don't want to lose her. What do i do?
Emma, Ekiti State

My Response:
Dear Emma,
Please, for the sake of your kids, you have to tell her your genotype. Then find a way to dissolve your relationship. It is would be quite painful to say goodbye to each other but at this point, that seems to be the only solution to this genotype issue. Unless you guys don't intend having kids in future. Take heart.

Help! I use and dump girls

Dear Rita,
I'm an upcoming musician. Girls are after me and want to have sex with me. The problem is that, every time I have sex with a girl, I just dump her because I don't want her anymore. The biggest problem that I am having now is that I cannot do more than one round and I get tired. Even though I want to do like two or three rounds when I get married. I am still young; I am 23-years old now. What do I do? Please help me but I'll really be happy if we can talk on phone.
Femi, Iyana Ipaja.

My Response:
Dear Femi,
Hmm! As an upcoming artist and you are already using and dumping girls. Is that how you intend to become a star someday? Do you know you are inflicting curses all over you by sleeping around with different girls? To you, it might be fun, but you are ignorantly digging your own grave. The earlier you make amends, the better for you, your music career and your future. (I take phone calls too but not at odd hours. No mid-calls please)

Should I go for the 5th abortion?

Dear Chichi,
Please I need your advice. I have aborted 4 times for my current boyfriend and now I am pregnant again and he still wants me to abort it. I am confused. Please tell me what to do. I love him but am scared.
Mary, Lagos

My Response:
Dear Mary,
You are really in a mess dearie. Four abortions already for your current boyfriend? How many for your Exs? Com'on, how long are you going to keep shedding innocent bloods and risking your life in the process? How many kids do you intend having in life as four or more of them have already been brutally terminated. The same guy might still dump you for another fresh girl when time for commitment comes. Worse still, if anything happens to you, I bet you, he would gladly come to your burial with another girl resting on his shoulder.

I would suggest you insist on keeping the pregnancy, let that baby live. Your life is at stake here, you have perforated your womb enough. Keep that child and you'd never regret it. Choose between being a happy single mother or frustrated dead lady. If he has future plans, this is the best time to know it, let him take the right steps NOW!

He doesn't call me often

Dear Rita,
I have a boyfriend who is in the university. Even though we talk on phone and chat on facebook, I noticed that sometime he will not call me for like a month or more. When I complain, he will give me excuses. I'm afraid he might be cheating on me. He assured me that he cannot leave me but I am scared. Please I need your candid advice.
Cynthia, Delta.

My Response:
Dear Cynthia,
Since he has assured you that he would be always there for you, please kindly give him some benefits of doubt. If you keep on having it in mind that he is cheating, you might end up doing the same. As long as there's no loss in communication, face your studies and give him some space to do so too. What would be-would be. Just don't force it or over worry yourself.

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