Seun Kuti Mocks Redeem Church For Trying To Preach Salvation To His Family

Source: Maryjane Ezeh/

Just like his late father, Afro Beat singer Seun Kuti is quite controversial, outspoken and daring.

Recently, the music star who completely took after his father's kind of music revealed how a branch of Redeemed Christian Church was chased out of his late father's residence.

Seun took to his Instagram account to narrate how the branch of the church opened near the Kuti family residence with the aim to “bring salvation to Kalakuta”. The singer even revealed that the noise of the church's activities chased him out of the area.

“This is an interesting story my people. Several years ago redeem opened a church on this plot. The general overseers wife came to open this small parish and proclaimed it was there to bring salvation to KALAKUTA and deliver us of our evil ways. The pastor will scream FIRE at us and openly preach about my father and why we must not follow him to hell. One of the main reasons I agreed to move for the museum project other than being too old for my one room in my father's house, was the fact that I couldn't sleep cos of that asshole. Every day at 6 am and I mean 5 times a week to his 20 church members with the loudest PA system he would scream and wail and shout. Today the land is the KALAKUTA museum Car park. FELA wins again!!!,” Seun wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of the compound of the former church.

However, the Kuti family are known not to be a fan of the Christian religion. Though he has never revealed his religion, Seun kuti is reportedly an Ifa Worshipper.