2014 Top 5 Actresses: Charles Novia Snubs Chika Ike, Recognises Queen Nwokoye

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nigeriafilms.com

Controversial Nollywood producer, Charles Novia, has once again released his top five actresses in the Nigerian film industry for the year 2014.

Charles Novia explained that those who made the list was not based on perceived popularity on red carpets, social media or feisty fan clubs, but based on universal templates for acting.

In 2013, the renowned filmmaker released list of his five top actresses, which generated mixed reactions from those in the industry. Mercy Johnson was Charles Novia's the top actress for 2013.

According him, in 2014, there was an improvement in the acting capacities of a number of actresses, both old and new. He made special mention to Africa Magic's 'Tinsel'.

He stated, “I believe those soaps, serials and films might just be tilting us away from the 'Africanness' in our acting styles. Many of the up and coming actors in such programmes act more Westernized and far removed from the organic characterizations, which our early and classic Nollywood movies were known for. But that is an aside and one which I will leave poignant till I elaborate more on a later, incisive post.”

On his list, Chika Ike was missing. Some fans would have expected the actress' name to be included in the list, but she was not there. Some months ago, Charles Novia slammed the actress for showing off on social media.

Chika's manager, who reacted to the filmmaker's comments, blasted him.

Using criteria such as interpretation, characterization, internalization, enunciation, and actor's visualization among others, the following were picked by the filmmaker as top five actresses for 2014.

1. Nse Ikpe-Etim
2. Onyeka Onwenu
3. Omoni Oboli
4. Queen Nwokoye
5. Kemi Lala Akindoju.