By Wabiye Idoniboyeobu

- Recently Wike made reference to a company that is buying off assets from the Rivers state Government under the direct supervision of Amaechi. Why didn't he go as far as naming the company or at least give us an indication?

- Is he hiding something? is he also involved? is he protecting someone or is he, a former Chief of staff to the Rivers state government, truly unaware of the detail?

- In a soon to be published exclusive interview with Prince Tonye Princewill, he went further to insist that on the matter of assets sold, Rivers people were being shortchanged by their very own Rivers sons.

- He believes assets acquired include, Olympia hotel, Abonemma wharf, Risonpalm and all the power generating stations in the state. All sold to one interest. An indigenous oil magnate, son of a one time ambassador, who incidentally is also making money from the same government managing some of the same assets he bought. Is this not absolutely ridiculous?

- No evidence of competitive tendering, independent valuation or a transparent process. That means that the Rivers people can be sure they did not get a good deal. Will nobody question this?

- Money changed hands but the accounts they entered were not Rivers state government's officially operated accounts. Where are these monies now?

- In one instance approx 400 million USD changed hands over an asset that could easily be worth twice that. Why the secrecy? The last batch of that money just got paid, again into a private account. Not the Rivers state government's. Why?

- Incidentally the partners in the company, uncomfortable with the obvious attempt to finance the politics of Amaechi, hesitated to support the transactions. But a prompt threat from the Rivers govt to cancel their revenue earning transactions made them have a rethink. Can anyone say they did not know what the money would be used for?

- Information reaching us now is that several well known international media organisations have already been paid in USD from these transactions. The plan is to come and cover the 2015 elections in a Tahir square style strategy.

- The aim of the opposition is to gather crowds in single locations with pictures beamed around the world to create the impression that the whole country is in chaos, thereby forcing a change in government by media. It worked in Libya and it worked in Egypt, so why not here?

- Amaechi is one of the chief financiers of the APC election and a close ally of Buhari. It is rumoured that he recently boasted that whatever Atiku brings for the APC Presidential primary, he would triple. He also threatened to form a parallel government after the election, if his will is not done. Why is he boasting? Amaechi has an ace up his sleeve.

- The Prince is one person who is strongly suspicious that Amaechi and Wike are not truly fighting each other. He insists that they are heading to the same destination and if Wike is allowed to fly the party's flag, it will all be revealed and eventually, he will be vindicated. Wike is designed to kill the PDP from within. So far it appears he is doing a good job of it.

- Amaechi plans ahead, his legal battles prove it. His loosing the PDP party structure was not an accident. We believe he wanted it. Leaving with all the ward registers was also deliberate. It left Wike an opportunity to begin a new PDP from scratch - the foundation on which the recent reversed disqualifications by the screening committee were built. Ask yourself why he didn't support a real fight against Wike within the PDP if he truly saw him as a threat. That is what politicians do. Their fight has left them both, so much better off. One could be a Governor and the other could be a Vice President. If not for their so called fight, this possibility would never exist. Think about it.

Maybe this is where he gets the confidence from. Amaechi knows something you don't. Open your eyes.

God help Nigeria.
Watch this space for the full interview. More explosive details coming soon. You can't afford to miss it. Rivers state will be uncovered.

Wabiye Idoniboyeobu
Personal Assistant Media and Publicity