No individual or group can hold nation to ransom - President Jonathan

By The Citizen

President Goodluck Jonathan has declared that ‎no individual or group can hold the nation to ransom.

Speaking at  at a Communion service at his residence to mark his 57th birthday, on Thursday, which was witnessed by his wife, Mrs. Patience Jonathan and mother, Madam Eunice Jonathan family members, relatives, close friends and some presidential aides, he said, 'I was taken unawares even though you (the clergy) pray for me every morning but this is so well organised most like a celebration. Thank you all for making it possible for us to collectively celebrate this day. Though we are facing challenges we shall surely overcome, God will see us through. No one individual or group of individuals can hold this nation to ransom. Let us be together and work hard, and pray to God and surely all of us will be saved'.

The service conducted by the Presidential Chaplain, Venerable Obioma Onwuzurumba, centered on the ‎scripture 1 Samuel 10:14-27‎, talking about the installation of the king for the first time in the nation of Israel.

Comparing Jonathan's tribe Izon as the least in Nigeria just like the tribe of Benjamin was the least in the tribe of Israel, and the President being the one choosen ‎in the family just like Saul the son of Kish was chosen in the family, and just like Saul was reluctant to take up the mantle of leadership, the President was also reluctant to step into the position, Onwuzurumba, prayed that ‎just like Saul was surrounded with vallian and good hearted men, so will be surrounded by good men.

‎The Presidential Chaplain, urged Presiden Jonathan not to despair if there are trouble makers in the land, ‎those who despised him because King Saul in the Bible had similar experience assuring that God's hand was on him.

'I don't know whether I heard well yesterday (Wednesday), a governor said if PDP wins elections there will be civil unrest. We‎ shall form a parallel government. Nobody could touch him, in other words despising the presidency of the land.

'But I want to say from this scripture that this thing did not start today, they have been there ‎even though God has chosen a man to represent him, they were still people that were willing to do all sorts of nasty things but certainly when God's hand is upon a man, there is nothing opposition can do.

'So as we gather this morning, it is my joy to know that God has chosen His Excellency to direct the affairs of this country and certainly there will be and always be opposition‎. One thing I know and I'm sure you'll agree with me is that when God's hand is upon a man, when God has selected you, it doesn't matter from what stock he has come from, God will protect himself, God will reveal himself.

'So it is His Excellency's birthday, I think is only proper that we pray in this light that God who has called you from such a remote place, a remote tribe of all the many tribes of Nigeria, that He who has called you even though we know you reluctantly so to speak, have come to take this position‎, He will give you vallian men, those who have good hearts, not political criminals, not people who have chameleonised themselves just for political gain, but those whose hearts are right with God that they can work with you to able to achieve the purpose for which God has chosen you,' he said.